Where To Go In L.A

Los Angeles is a very familiar place to us. My Mother, Brother, and my mother’s entire family all live in California. We’ve done tourist trips, ventured off both north and south of L.A so I try to suggest everyone have at least one tourist day, if it’s your first trip to the west coast because why not, right?

The Broad is obviously every artsy fartsy’s ideal Instagram location. The Infinity Room is the “it spot” for a mini photo shoot. If you don’t make it to any museums , don’t worry. The city is covered in street art and there’s always something new that’s bound to catch your eye. Downtown is great for bar hopping and rooftop dining. The Perch is iconic and always good for a special occasion. Lock& Key is one of my favorite bars. Remember 90’s – 2000 music and how feel good it was? That’s the vibe for Lock& Key. The patio area is small but the tea tree lights and Dj quickly make you forget that. The bar is dimly lit and has cozy leather couches you can lounge in and enjoy the music. It’s a chill bar but definitely worth checking out.

Don’t have too many cocktails day one, wake up refreshed and ready for a beach day. Manhattan Beach is one of my favorites and much more calm than the rush hour you’ll feel at Santa Monica Pier. If you’re a surfer or want something a bit more off the grid, Venice beach is a different vibe for sure. Muscle beach is always an interesting sight to see and will definitely have you scheduling leg day when you get back home, but there’s so much more. Take a surf lesson. Rent a scooter! Grab some AMAZING seafood from a local spot tucked in Venice. It’s a calm yet quirky environment and one of those places you’ll never forget. If you’re feeling more active hike up amount Hollywood and stop by the Griffith Observatory. Take an obligatory photo and take in the view. Millions of tourist gather here for a reason, the view is phenomenal. I’ll be sure to do a part 2 of my favorite places , but for now make sure you cross the basics off your list and enjoy!

Kristin Coronado