How am I still a tourist in my own city? When you think of the Houston Galleria area you think of the shopping and completely forget about everything else the location has to offer. Fine dining, 5 star hotels, and new experiences right at your fingertips. Royal Sonesta is the perfect place to stay in the Galleria  Area. The staff is incredible! We stayed during one of the busiest weekends. The Houston Rodeo was in full swing, a business summit was being held, and a huge wedding was happening in the ballroom. Somehow amidst all the chaos, we were treated like royalty. We arrived at our freshly cleaned room on the 23rd floor with chocolates on the pillows, robes ready to lounge in, and a view overlooking the city lights. The hotel amenities have everything you need so while traffic dies down you can 🍷 “wine down” and grab a cocktail at the Axis Lounge. This modern designed bar is located conveniently on the first floor offering a wide selection of cocktails and chic seating,making it a great pit stop before you start your night out. Need a quick bite but want to keep it light? Launch is a convenient “grab and go” meal area that’s stocked with fresh food, coffee, and toiletries for sale because let’s me honest…90% of the time you left the toothpaste on the cpunter at home. Chips and cookies before your bathing suit isn’t ideal pre-pool lounging so being able to grab a healthy snack before soaking up the sun at the hotel’s pool was super convenient.

Speaking of convenience can we talk about the jaw dropping Club Lounge  on the 23rd floor? The area is exclusively available to patrons on the 23rd floor offering complimentary snacks,water,sodas,big screen TVs and continental breakfast. With mid floor to ceiling windows it’s hard to not take your phone out and snap a few photos of a rare view from up top. Talk about living the high life.

We decided to take advantage of room service and pre-order our breakfast in bed. Eggs Benedict, Raisin Brioche French Toast, and a large fruit plate? Yes,please! Probably not the breakfast of champions a physical trainer would approve of, but you’re on vacation! Enjoy yourself! Not only is the food from the Ara Restaurant delicious but the presentation was superb! You’re not going to NOT take a brunch photo for Instagram, am I right? Overall I’d say our stay was amazing and I’d highly recommend it to visitors of the city and fellow Houstonians. You won’t be disappointed. Royal Sonesta goes above and beyond to make your stay worthwhile.
Thanks for reading!
Kristin Coronado

Is anyone else’s skin doing this really awesome thing where it’s dry in some spots and oily in others? No? Just me? We’re having one of those interesting winters where my skin can’t decide whether it wants to be hydrated or exfoliated. Either way I’ve been trying to not anger it with the help of First Aid Beauty and for the past few months my skin has been loving me back. Finally! I hate giving quick product reviews so I decided to test these products for at least three months before reporting back.

First aid beauty face cleanser-  Is a need! Not a want! When I saw it had antioxidant boosters in it I didn’t think much of it, but as soon as I wash my face I was like “Whoa!I’m glowing!”. Any time your significant other can notice a difference in your skin you know it’s good. Men don’t know any better and try to use complimentary words like “Wow! Your skin looks really healthy and shiny!”. The term is “glowing” babe, but thank you! The cleanser is perfect because it gives me a deep clean without drying my skin, you need it!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance intensive peel-  So! So! Good but proceed with caution. The label explicitly states “ 5-10 minutes or until you can handle it” the tingling sensation is unreal but for testing purposes I left it on as long as I could. Please do better than me. The product is great and I’m sure I would’ve had great results if I took it off when I was suppose to. Instead my skin was so red and the tingle had grew to a light burning sensation. Totally my fault. If you have sensitive skin I say rinse it as soon as you feel the tingle. It was totally worth the trial an error. The next morning I woke up so impressed with my freshly exfoliated skin and my makeup has been going on flawless ever since. If you’re looking for a restart button on your skin, this is the mask to try it really does it’s job.

First Aid Coconut water cream- OMG you guys! I haven’t been so in love with a moisturizer in such a long time! All of the products were great but the coconut water cream stole my heart away. It’s ultra hydrating, lightweight, makes your skin luminous and improves texture. I’d highly recommend it. Usually when it comes to skincare it takes a few weeks to see a difference but not with this stuff! Afer the first use your skin is noticably softer and has even improved my fine lines on my forehead. It’s taken care of my dry patchy areas and my skin is so soft after each use. I’m obsessed with it!Definitely my favorite out of the bunch.

There’s a laundry list of things we can’t do during pregnancy. Between the media and old wives tales it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. I was nervous to ask my doctor if I could continue working out. It’s such a controversial topic these days so I was eager to get advice straight from the source. Turns out, with a few modifications I can do almost everything I used to! 🙌🏻High fives all around! I skipped home and quickly searched “maternity active wear”.  The one time I need Google the most and it failed me miserably.

Feeling completely defeated, I browsed a slim selection of leggings that didn’t have the best reviews and cost as much as my phone bill. All I wanted was a pair of modern black leggings that fit great and made me feel like myself while I was in the gym kicking butt, is that too much to ask?  I decided to take to the new way of shopping, Instagram. Once I found Love and Fit I was sold! Their leggings can be worn through every fit mama stage. Up to 28weeks of pregnancy and can also be used postpartum. A steal for the price. The other leggings didn’t compare. My Love and Fit leggings have been a lifesaver! I got the Pre2Post Capri leggings and they’re everything I wanted them to be. I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy so naturally all of my other leggings were starting to compress my belly way too much and leave painful red lines. I tried a few from Target , but the fit was all wrong. I found myself constantly pulling up my leggings and we all know how annoying that can be.

Once i got my Pre2Post leggings I was ecstatic to find the interior  lined with a silicone waist band! They’ve been working out perfect for me. They stay put while I jog, lift, and stretch. The best part? I don’t have to worry about any see through mishaps. The fabric is comfortable and thick. It reminds me of Nike Dri-fit, but with a breathable waistband that perfectly supports my growing belly. I’ve been wearing them religiously! Finally, an activewear line catered to moms and mamas to be. You can look cute and get the proper support you need. I’d highly recommend to momma bears everywhere. They’re affordable and you get so much for the money. I’ll be sure to leave a shoplink below if you want to check them out. Thanks again for reading!


We’re back with another stay-cation review! Just because summer is almost over, doesn’t mean we should expect snowfall in Houston anytime soon 😂 so enjoy the heat while it lasts. Hotel Sorella is perfectly located in CITYCENTRE  just minutes from downtown.  A little less hustle and bustle and more time to walk around the shopping center, catch a movie or catch some sunrays at Hotel Sorella’s rooftop pool! The decor throughout the hotel is immaculate! It’s the perfect blend of classic design with modern touches. Dark accents, marble finishes, hardwood floors and skyline views. The balconies give the most breathtaking views of the city and allow you to glimpse at what’s going on downstairs at CITYCENTRE. Open the balcony doors a bit and you can hear the music playing downstairs, talk about chic living. The rooms give you a downtown-living feel with comfortable touches of home. The bathrooms were fully stocked with plush towels,extra linens, and spa scented shower gels. Did I mention the massive bathtub accompanied by the rainfall shower? It’s a whole other level #bathroom goals! We could’ve stayed in that room the entire trip,but decided to see what else the hotel had to offer. The pool plenty of lounge chairs and covered cabanas to relax and work on nothing but your tan.Feeling parched? The restaurant and bar inside will serve you your favorite glass of rosé to cool down. The service was great and the pool cabanas are hard to walk away from. After a few hours of lounging we got dressed up and headed down for dinner. There’s a cute restaurant located in the hotel for your convenience or if you’re like us you’ll take a stroll around CITYCENTRE and dine at one of the restaurants perfectly tucked in every corner. Need to work up an appetite first? Bowl and Barrel is a new trendy bowling alley downstairs from the hotel. It gets pretty packed so make sure you reserve your lane online to avoid the wait. There’s plenty of restaurants in CITYCENTRE. RA Sushi, Cyclone Anaya’s, Yard House,Season’s 52 and so many others are literally steps away from the hotel. You can even shop a bit after dinner. The shopping at CITYCENTRE has everything you need! After we finished dinner we headed to the Monnalisa. A trendy bar/ lounge located on the same floor as the pool. Brace yourself because Saturday night it gets pretty packed but is so much fun! Try one of their cocktails and step outside by the pool. At night it’s so beautiful and there’s more seating available as the night continues. Overall our stay at Hotel Sorella was great. Just the kind of quick getaway we needed. Between the hospitality and the luxury ambiance, saying “bye” to the good life was hard to do so we’ll definitely be back. I’d highly recommend anyone to stay there. It’s perfect for a date night or a quick stay-cation to restart your week. Let me know how much you guys love it 🤗 !


Huge thanks to Hotel Sorella and their staff for having us. All opinions are my own.




Looking for a good stay-cation spot in Houston? Well look no further because Hotel Alessandra has quickly captured the hearts of endless amounts of Houstonians. This recently opened hotel is located in the heart of downtown right next to the Greenstreet shopping center, a hop and skip away from the Toyota Center, Discovery Green and all of the best Houston attractions. Hotel Alessandra is the perfect blend of modern luxury and southern comfort. The moment you valet it’s goodbye normalcy and hello to the good life. As you head to the second floor to check-in, take a moment to admire the hotels chic aesthetics. The ultra luxe staircase paved with gold detail, is absolutely breathtaking! I’d pay good money to retake my prom picture on that staircase 😂(half kidding). Every furniture piece is detailed with gold accents and pops of emerald green. If Z Gallerie and the Royal Palace did a collab,this is what their furniture would look like 😂.

The rooms are just as dreamy. Panoramic views of the city, a luxurious overhead shower,perfectly placed accent furniture to get your Carrie Bradshaw moment on 💁🏼‍♀️,plush pillows,and the worlds most comfortable bed. Honestly, what more could you ask for? A rooftop pool perhaps? Well you’re in luck because on the fifth floor your oasis awaits. Take a few hours out of your day and do absolutely nothing. Work on your tan, order some truffle fries and don’t forget their famous Pop-tails! You heard it folks, POP-TAILS! I tried the tequila sunrise. A popsicle infused with top shelf tequila, orange juice and grenadine. What better way to cool off in this Texas heat than frozen alcohol and truffle topped carbohydrates?

When you live in a city this big it’s easy to caught in the hustle and bustle. When’s the last time you explored downtown? Between the misleading parking signs, traffic and it being so ever-changing we forget to get our Dora the Explorer on. Well shine up your dancing shoes kid,because we’re going out for a night on the town. Hotel Alessandra has a complimentary valet service that you can call ahead of time right from your room. We stayed on a Friday night when the hotel was busy, but the valet service was more than accommodating. A short 10minutes later we hopped in our luxury car and were off to Frank’s Pizza for a quick bite. The driver hands your a card with their phone number and when you’re ready to head back to the hotel they’ll pick you up within ten minutes. It’s perfect and oh-so convenient! Once you’re all spiffed up for the night, stop in the hotels bar on the second floor. Bardot has a great selection and it’s open until 2am on Saturday.

Hotel Alessandra has so much to offer!Whether you’re looking for a spa day, a date night for you and bae,or a night on the town with your girls, they can happily accommodate you. The staff was superb! Anything we needed they were happy to assist with. From the moment we walked in it was all smiles and southern hospitality so it’s safe to say that you get the full luxury experience here.I will definitely be coming back. I’m a simple humble girl from Texas, just like you but the second I rested my head on that type of thread count I was hooked😂. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did! It definitely made it on my “favorites” list!

Huge thank you to Hotel Alessandra and their PR team for the collaboration and as always,all opinions are my own. I love you guys!Thanks for reading


I think my level of frugality hit a peak when I found myself spending well over 15 minutes looking for the largest bell pepper this morning. The bell pepper was 53 cents 😂 just to show you where I’m at in life. I hate overspending for anything! If I can get more for my money, go ahead and skip in front of me because I’ll wait. If I have a beauty item that works I don’t bother to fix it. All that being said I have the worlds most stubborn lashes. They’re a decent length but stick straight out, much like I do when I get dressed up in this conservative city 😂. I’ve tried every tool under the sun. Purchased every mascara. Tried every stupid video on YouTube and burned the first layer of my eyelid. No, seriously, not my proudest moment. I’ve done everything to not wear false lashes everyday and just feel free. I haven’t tried lash extensions yet. I want to but I can’t commit so I’m still here waiting for the perfect curler and mascara. It’s like Lancôme heard my cry for help because their new Le curler and Monsieur Big Mascara are the best duo since Jay-Z and Beyoncé. I usually stick with my old faithful L’Oréal telescopic mascara and old Sephora lash curler and the curly lashes party would die down about 15 minutes after my application. SO! SO! Frustrating. I’ve been using these two for month and don’t see my cheap self going back to my old ways. While I wouldn’t opt to apply this mascara for the bottom lashes, it’s perfect overall. Gives my lashes enough moisture throughout the day and the curler guys, the curler is life! My lashes are so poppin without falsies, it’s a early Christmas miracle. You can snag yours at Sephora or Nordstroms. Let me know if you love it too!

This item was gifted to me by Lancôme but all opinions are a hundred percent my own.

Cooking is very similar to makeup application. the instructions are right in front of us,we can buy all the necessary tools and ingredients and yet something still doesn’t come out quite right. “Baking” has been a huge trend the past few years and I’ve tried almost every setting powder imaginable. From high end, to drugstore.translucent to tinted.lightly setting to looking like the top of a funnel cake, I’ve done it all and sadly haven’t found or accomplished anything to boast about. Before trying the Givenchy setting powder I was using the RCMA translucent powder. It was perfect,I still couldn’t bake like most YouTube MUA’s but out of all the brands of setting powder it worked the best for me. Not to mention it’s only $10!Something I look for in a loose powder is the finish. I like a nice highlighted look and something that smoothes out my skin (aka fills in my pores). As I’ve said before, I’m hesitant when using higher end products. One,because your girl has bills and adding another item to my makeup routine means I’m going to have to re-do my budget. two, because I truly feel like some products are hyped up because of the name and not because of what the product can do. That being said, I love this loose powder. My budget didn’t want me to trust me,but I am obsessed. The Givenchy loose powder has a blend of 4 universal highlighting colors that is promised to give you a perfected porcelain look and OMG it truly does. When touching up I typically blot and try to resist adding more product.However, southern humidity won’t always allow me to be great so applying extra powder is sometimes necessary. My old setting powder would look great in the beginning but after an hour or so you could visibly see my pores and by the end of the day I looked incredibly cakey. I’ve been using the Givenchy loose powder religiously for over a week now and I’m not going back y’all! I can’t. This travel size gem has a built it puff applicator that’s not only cute when touching up but super convenient. The only problem I’ve run into is applying too much product at once. A little goes a long way. As I’ve said, I enjoy a nice bright under eye so when I first applied the Givenchy powder I got a little too excited and I’m almost a hundred percent sure I was glowing in the dark by the end of the day. I apply it on top of my usual concealer routine,set my t-zone area and I’m good to go for at least 3-4hours honest to blog,it’s THAT good. Never in a million years did I think a lavender tinted setting powder would be my new holy grail but it kicked all my other setting powders to the back of my vanity. It allows my makeup to stay luminous without giving me a flat matte look,something I’m sure we all struggle with.One thing I wouldn’t recommend is applying it directly under the with the eyes with the puff applicator. I found it to be a little too harsh to directly apply under my eyes so I used my usual brush instead. Also, be aware of how much you’re applying. I personally wouldn’t recommend baking with this product unless you want some serious radiance. For a day-to-day look I think lightly applying it will give you the refreshing look you need. Let me know if y’all have tried it! I’m hooked.

Tons of love your way xoxo-K

This amazing product was gifted to me by Givenchy Beauty and is available at Sephora, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.All opinions are a hundred percent my own as always.

I love you guys!