The woman behind SZA and Kendrick Lamar’s laid back, yet edgy wardrobe just collaborated with Nike X Nordstrom to bring her street-style flare to Nike addicts everywhere! Dropping November 10th exclusively at Nordstrom.com and select Nordstrom stores, you can shop her nine piece capsule collection. The collection is brilliant. The cuts are bold and complex but the look and feel of the collection is effortless. Something the celeb stylist prides herself on. The goal was to create a collection that gives women a put together look without neglecting style or comfort. The shookbook, I mean, the lookbook is aesthetically pleasing to modern minimalist alike. From biker-shorts , bodysuits, to hoodies with a dramatic cut, it’ll be hard not to grab every piece and put it in your “I’m trying to look active and cute” side of the closet. We all have those sets of active wear that we wouldn’t mind running into someone from high school in…those certain Nike pieces we don’t mind running into our ex in…the casual yet extremely appealing cozy wear we put on Instagram and caption “Sweatpants,hair tied,chillin’ with no makeup on”. This is the look 😂! I’m not sure I’ll be working out in these but you can definitely spot me shamelessly running errands, or on Instagram posing in my new Nike fit. Looking effortlessly fly was the goal and I have to say, this collection delivered. Thanks again for reading babes!



NikeXNordstrom Dianne Garcia collab


There’s a laundry list of things we can’t do during pregnancy. Between the media and old wives tales it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. I was nervous to ask my doctor if I could continue working out. It’s such a controversial topic these days so I was eager to get advice straight from the source. Turns out, with a few modifications I can do almost everything I used to! 🙌🏻High fives all around! I skipped home and quickly searched “maternity active wear”.  The one time I need Google the most and it failed me miserably.

Feeling completely defeated, I browsed a slim selection of leggings that didn’t have the best reviews and cost as much as my phone bill. All I wanted was a pair of modern black leggings that fit great and made me feel like myself while I was in the gym kicking butt, is that too much to ask?  I decided to take to the new way of shopping, Instagram. Once I found Love and Fit I was sold! Their leggings can be worn through every fit mama stage. Up to 28weeks of pregnancy and can also be used postpartum. A steal for the price. The other leggings didn’t compare. My Love and Fit leggings have been a lifesaver! I got the Pre2Post Capri leggings and they’re everything I wanted them to be. I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy so naturally all of my other leggings were starting to compress my belly way too much and leave painful red lines. I tried a few from Target , but the fit was all wrong. I found myself constantly pulling up my leggings and we all know how annoying that can be.

Once i got my Pre2Post leggings I was ecstatic to find the interior  lined with a silicone waist band! They’ve been working out perfect for me. They stay put while I jog, lift, and stretch. The best part? I don’t have to worry about any see through mishaps. The fabric is comfortable and thick. It reminds me of Nike Dri-fit, but with a breathable waistband that perfectly supports my growing belly. I’ve been wearing them religiously! Finally, an activewear line catered to moms and mamas to be. You can look cute and get the proper support you need. I’d highly recommend to momma bears everywhere. They’re affordable and you get so much for the money. I’ll be sure to leave a shoplink below if you want to check them out. Thanks again for reading!


We’ve all see the Instagram ads for Shein official. Really inexpensive clothes online that get delivered quickly, but what’s the quality like 👀? Online shopping is like blind dating. The profile picture looks great, the resume (or reviews) are really shaping up and then you see it in person and you’re like, “Wait a second?….”. In a happy scenario you’ve hit the jackpot and declare your love to the world. In my case it’s been 50/50. I recently did a collab with them and I’m sharing my full review on Shein.  Some hits and misses.


Don’t you just want to hug me? I look like a life-size teddy bear. While this teddy coat is cute I wish it was a bit fuller with fabric. Its beautiful but the lining is thin so if the temperature drops below 65 I might be in trouble. Overall, I love it! Especially for the price! “Shawl Collar Teddy Coat” – $31





This jacket is perfect! It’s a light grey with a satin light blue lining  and I feel so expensive in it! For $28 it’s a steal! The fabric is great quality and the cut feels custom. Not to mention, if you tried to get this piece at Zara, it’d run you $70 minimum. I’d highly recommend it. No cat fishing here.





Flocking south for the winter? The $6 to $12 price mark for a trendy bathing suit is tempting but is it worth it? In my case no, and I’m so bummed. I ordered a medium in this olive number and it was way too small. I’m an A-cup so I can only imagine the struggle for women with actual cleavage. I also got this neon bikini, because hello! It’s neon. I so desperately wanted to work. Let’s just say it’s cute but definitely not water proof. There’s no lining in the top or bottom so if you’re cool with that, get it girl. If you’re uncomfortable with it do not get it! I don’t mind the top not being lined but the bottom?..No! No! No! I’m not okay with poolside bystanders seeing my print, for lack of a better term 😂. A definite miss for me!


Moving on to my Chanel, I mean Shein Tweed Jacket: Heart-Eyes for days! The coat is amazing quality, the lining keeps me warm and it’s the perfect length. A jacket of this quality should be well over $100 and I got it for under $30! You guys need it! Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than a high fashion look for less!




Is it lounge wear? Is it active wear? We don’t know but we got catfished! The material is thin, the stitching is poor and the fit is so NOT flattering. Skip it.







My advice would be to read the fabric blends, look at the reviews and order a size up for coats. I’m usually a small so medium in the drape coats fit perfect and the teddy and my Chanel look-alike are a large for a more cozy fit. If you have any questions I’m here and if you decide to purchase any of the “hits” I’ll link a discount code below.


DISCOUNT CODE: “FD146”  for all items


While Mansur Gavriel is made in Italy they definitely brought the Paris vibe to New York Fashion Week. Everything in the venue had splashes of Parisian flare. The color palette, the floral arrangements , the extra bubbly champagne, pastel coated desserts, and let’s not forget the tower of Maison Laduree macaroons the size of the Chrysler Building right in the middle of the room. I haven’t been to Paris yet, but when I think of tea time in that romantic city, it would’ve looked exactly how the Mansur Gavriel show was designed. It was all so elegant,breathtaking, and picture perfect.

I finished my dessert (pinkies up) just in time for showtime! It was all tea and teddy coats once the runway began. Coats! Coats! And more coats! In every shade of pink, every hue of blue, so much variety while making minimal lovers like myself melt on the inside after each look. Wool tweed jackets are a must have this season. Everyone from Mansur Gavriel, Chanel and every designer in between have carefully cultivated jaw dropping tweed coats and I’m all for it. They’re such a staple piece in every woman’s winter closet and this year in particular, designers have really stepped up their game.  Say farewell to  traditional tweed coats and hello to intricate detail, elaborate color combos and what looks like a custom fit. Mansur Gavriel is known for its minimalist sense of style,but this season really showcased a more feminine side of the label.Delicate pastel tones played well with their staple neutral color palette I have to say, it was nicely done and so refreshing to see. What I loved most about this season was the interchangeability of the collection. Every coat, glitzy ankle boot, and finely crafted handbag could be paired a million different ways within the collection and I absolutely love when designers do that! The entire collection was cohesive and timeless . I was overly impressed with,not only the collection,but the overall aesthetic of the show. There was so much attention to detail that it was hard to not fall in love with every piece. That’s all for now babes! Off to go sell my man for a new Mansur Gavriel coat.

Full clips of the show are on my Instagram highlights.


Leave it to Rihanna to shut down the end of New York Fashion Week in the figurative and literal sense. The SavageXFenty runway show was out of this world! Everything from the venue, decor, and music were unlike any other fashion show I’ve seen. I felt like I was attending a concert with all the theatrics involved. Dancers, iridescent lighting, glass pyramids of lush greenery, and rock waterfalls.  It was like a naughty oasis and you didn’t know what to expect. The greenery was used as an illustration of mixing the organic and futuristic. Idolizing women’s organic natural beauty in hopes to see it idolized in the future. YES, RIHANNA! WE’RE HERE FOR IT! The lights dimmed and then BOOM! The music started pulsing through the venue. The dancers came in from each side of the stage and somehow there were models casually strutting the runway in the midst of it all. Pure magic! The show screamed women empowerment with every detail; featuring models from all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.  Rihanna was said to have full creative control when it came to designing the concept of the show. The morning of the fashion show she was in London, flew straight to New York on minimal sleep and still committed to being present during the rehearsal. Talk about a boss babe! When asked why she felt women empowerment was so important in today’s industry she said


“ In my opinion, women are the strongest people on earth. I mean our bodies,alone, are made to do so many different things and they’re designed in so many unique ways. I think it’s about time we celebrate that.”. -Rihanna


Celebrate, she did! From the runway “It Girls” Bella and Gigi Hadid. To Slick Woods, the face of Fenty Beauty, and Janina Thompson showing their baby bumps. All curves were highlighted in this show. When praised about her efforts to highlight all body types Rihanna responded saying


“Part of womanhood is motherhood and I think if you have the blessing to bring life into this world it should be celebrated as well. They make me so proud.”. -Rihanna.


Rihanna delivered variation across the board. The SavageXFenty collection, has so much variety. Nudes, neon ,lace, cut-outs, sheer fabrics, leather pasties, and boned corset tops. I mean, there’s really something to fit your every mood. So however savage or sweet you want to play it, something from the collection is bound to fit. If you’re in New York you can browse the collection yourself at her newest NYC SavageXFenty pop-up shop. Let’s have a round of applause and a standing ovation for Rihanna (pun totally intended).


Thanks for reading babes!



full clips of the show can be found on my Instagram account

We’re back with another stay-cation review! Just because summer is almost over, doesn’t mean we should expect snowfall in Houston anytime soon 😂 so enjoy the heat while it lasts. Hotel Sorella is perfectly located in CITYCENTRE  just minutes from downtown.  A little less hustle and bustle and more time to walk around the shopping center, catch a movie or catch some sunrays at Hotel Sorella’s rooftop pool! The decor throughout the hotel is immaculate! It’s the perfect blend of classic design with modern touches. Dark accents, marble finishes, hardwood floors and skyline views. The balconies give the most breathtaking views of the city and allow you to glimpse at what’s going on downstairs at CITYCENTRE. Open the balcony doors a bit and you can hear the music playing downstairs, talk about chic living. The rooms give you a downtown-living feel with comfortable touches of home. The bathrooms were fully stocked with plush towels,extra linens, and spa scented shower gels. Did I mention the massive bathtub accompanied by the rainfall shower? It’s a whole other level #bathroom goals! We could’ve stayed in that room the entire trip,but decided to see what else the hotel had to offer. The pool plenty of lounge chairs and covered cabanas to relax and work on nothing but your tan.Feeling parched? The restaurant and bar inside will serve you your favorite glass of rosé to cool down. The service was great and the pool cabanas are hard to walk away from. After a few hours of lounging we got dressed up and headed down for dinner. There’s a cute restaurant located in the hotel for your convenience or if you’re like us you’ll take a stroll around CITYCENTRE and dine at one of the restaurants perfectly tucked in every corner. Need to work up an appetite first? Bowl and Barrel is a new trendy bowling alley downstairs from the hotel. It gets pretty packed so make sure you reserve your lane online to avoid the wait. There’s plenty of restaurants in CITYCENTRE. RA Sushi, Cyclone Anaya’s, Yard House,Season’s 52 and so many others are literally steps away from the hotel. You can even shop a bit after dinner. The shopping at CITYCENTRE has everything you need! After we finished dinner we headed to the Monnalisa. A trendy bar/ lounge located on the same floor as the pool. Brace yourself because Saturday night it gets pretty packed but is so much fun! Try one of their cocktails and step outside by the pool. At night it’s so beautiful and there’s more seating available as the night continues. Overall our stay at Hotel Sorella was great. Just the kind of quick getaway we needed. Between the hospitality and the luxury ambiance, saying “bye” to the good life was hard to do so we’ll definitely be back. I’d highly recommend anyone to stay there. It’s perfect for a date night or a quick stay-cation to restart your week. Let me know how much you guys love it 🤗 !


Huge thanks to Hotel Sorella and their staff for having us. All opinions are my own.




Whoever said there wasn’t a piece of heaven on earth, hasn’t been to Puerto Rico yet. While the hurricane had devastated this beautiful island not long ago, Puerto Rico is stronger and better than ever. I love going off the beaten path when it comes to traveling. Sure you can hit up all the places they advertise, but where do the locals go? Where’s the authentic food? I want to find a place they haven’t pinned on Instagram yet 😂. Lucky for me I was able to explore with friends and family so I got all the insight 👍🏼. Pack your dancing shoes and leave your worries behind my friends! I’m about to highlight some of my favorite places in Puerto Rico.

P.R is one of those all in one destinations. Want mountains? Done! Crystal clear water and exotic beaches? You got it! Want to take a drive on the countryside? They have that too! History? Good food? It’s like the buffet version of vacation locations, there’s so many choices 😂. If you’re check-in is later than when you arrive, or like us, are waiting for the rest of the squad to arrive, grab a bite at El Alambique, it’s minutes from the airport. You’re sitting right off the water with views of Isla Verde Beach and the Mofongo with alijillo sauce is legendary! Once you fill your stomach it’s time to get the party started. Ask for their famous Mango Sangria or my personal fav, a medalla light in a plastic cup and take a stroll on the beach. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well relax. You’re in paradise and it just gets better from here.

We explored Old San Juan that night. The architecture is absolutely breathtaking. Puerto Rico has the whole colorblock aesthetic down to a science. I loved it! We popped into La Factoria which was a cute two story bar that gave us views of the city, live music, salsa of course, and handcrafted mojitos made with real sugar cane (proceed with caution).

Next day we were off to the beach. Combate beach has the clearest water I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The entire time i was there I couldn’t get over it! Fun fact: the ocean terrifies me, so being able to physically see my little limbs was a huge plus for me and made my experience much more enjoyable. Not to mention the waves are nonexistent so you’re able to float away or gather around and soak up the sun-rays with your friends without being swept away 😂. You can pack your own beverages (glass or bottle), hang your clothes on the trees nearby, and make a day of it. Grab a snack at Annie’s Place. It’s a restaurant that sits right on the water and has some of the most amazing seafood. Don’t worry about being in your beach attire either, Annie’s is a casual restaurant and full of beach goers.

Mid day and want to keep the party going? Boquerón is a quick drive away and it’s an all day/all night fiesta! When you think of P.R you think music and dancing in the middle of cobblestone streets, right? Boquerón gives you that authentic feel you were yearning for. This little town is filled with amazing people and bars sitting right on the water. If you’re looking for somewhere favored by the locals Hollywood Cafe in Ponce has some of their best specials on Tuesdays. I’m talking a round of drinks for everyone and two dozen wings for $11. Not to mention the music is great and you’ll dance all night long.
Want something a little more chill? La Guancha has the cutest pier full of bars and restaurants right off the water. Day or night it’s so beautiful. We stumbled upon a bar called El Patio and it was perfect! Great music, open rooftop, lights all around and just enough room for dancing. You can sit and watch the boats pass under the moonlight, it’s so beautiful.

Welp! That was a lot longer than anticipated and I didn’t get to cover all the bases but hopefully this helps when planning your trip. 5 days in Puerto Rico wasn’t enough and I can’t wait to go back 😩. For such a small island it packed a lot of excitement! Thanks again for reading!



Looking for a good stay-cation spot in Houston? Well look no further because Hotel Alessandra has quickly captured the hearts of endless amounts of Houstonians. This recently opened hotel is located in the heart of downtown right next to the Greenstreet shopping center, a hop and skip away from the Toyota Center, Discovery Green and all of the best Houston attractions. Hotel Alessandra is the perfect blend of modern luxury and southern comfort. The moment you valet it’s goodbye normalcy and hello to the good life. As you head to the second floor to check-in, take a moment to admire the hotels chic aesthetics. The ultra luxe staircase paved with gold detail, is absolutely breathtaking! I’d pay good money to retake my prom picture on that staircase 😂(half kidding). Every furniture piece is detailed with gold accents and pops of emerald green. If Z Gallerie and the Royal Palace did a collab,this is what their furniture would look like 😂.

The rooms are just as dreamy. Panoramic views of the city, a luxurious overhead shower,perfectly placed accent furniture to get your Carrie Bradshaw moment on 💁🏼‍♀️,plush pillows,and the worlds most comfortable bed. Honestly, what more could you ask for? A rooftop pool perhaps? Well you’re in luck because on the fifth floor your oasis awaits. Take a few hours out of your day and do absolutely nothing. Work on your tan, order some truffle fries and don’t forget their famous Pop-tails! You heard it folks, POP-TAILS! I tried the tequila sunrise. A popsicle infused with top shelf tequila, orange juice and grenadine. What better way to cool off in this Texas heat than frozen alcohol and truffle topped carbohydrates?

When you live in a city this big it’s easy to caught in the hustle and bustle. When’s the last time you explored downtown? Between the misleading parking signs, traffic and it being so ever-changing we forget to get our Dora the Explorer on. Well shine up your dancing shoes kid,because we’re going out for a night on the town. Hotel Alessandra has a complimentary valet service that you can call ahead of time right from your room. We stayed on a Friday night when the hotel was busy, but the valet service was more than accommodating. A short 10minutes later we hopped in our luxury car and were off to Frank’s Pizza for a quick bite. The driver hands your a card with their phone number and when you’re ready to head back to the hotel they’ll pick you up within ten minutes. It’s perfect and oh-so convenient! Once you’re all spiffed up for the night, stop in the hotels bar on the second floor. Bardot has a great selection and it’s open until 2am on Saturday.

Hotel Alessandra has so much to offer!Whether you’re looking for a spa day, a date night for you and bae,or a night on the town with your girls, they can happily accommodate you. The staff was superb! Anything we needed they were happy to assist with. From the moment we walked in it was all smiles and southern hospitality so it’s safe to say that you get the full luxury experience here.I will definitely be coming back. I’m a simple humble girl from Texas, just like you but the second I rested my head on that type of thread count I was hooked😂. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did! It definitely made it on my “favorites” list!

Huge thank you to Hotel Alessandra and their PR team for the collaboration and as always,all opinions are my own. I love you guys!Thanks for reading


Can you believe it’s already day two of swim week? Someone pause the time! Last night Heidi Klum graced the cover of Ocean drive magazine for the 8th time! Not only did the bombshell awe us at the Kimpton Surfcomber hotel personally, but she also showcased her  Heidi Klum Intimates and Swim collection 😍. Who better to design a swim collection than a former Victoria’s Secret Angel? The collection consisted of vibrant colors, bold prints and flattering cuts. She had gorgeous models of all shapes and sizes and they seemed to have fit each woman perfectly. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel seems to have put all of her swimsuit knowledge to good use with this collection. Each piece had it’s own detail that differentiated each piece from the rest of the collection, which I absolutely loved. Too often we see designers get too consistent and go the safe route with each piece, but Klum had no problem with branching out a bit and giving this collection some variety. Her last collection was geared towards neutral tone lovers with gold accents. This collection has a bit more flare to it, staying on trend with neon colors and cheeky cuts.From triangle bikini tops to color blocked one pieces it looks like Heidi Klums Swim has a bit of something for everyone.

Enjoy the rest of Swim Week babes!

“Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach to the break of dawn”. Yes, I am that basic girl who plays that song on her Snapchat as soon as she lands in Miami. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care! If you’ve followed me for a while you know Miami is one of my favorite places to getaway and there’s so many hidden gems! So many that I’m going to have to make this Part Two: where to stay. Miami is a little slice of paradise. The food, the culture, the beach, the people, it’s a mini vacation destination that definitely comes with a price. South Beach prices can get up there so I wanted to cover different places I stayed for every kind of budget. Whether you’re getting your girls together for a last minute getaway or you’ve been planning this trip for months I’m sharing a few hotels for every dollar amount.
Ballin’ on a budget? I feel you! There’s been times when I found a great deal on tickets and was just like “F it! Let’s go! I’ll figure where to stay when I get there”. In doing that I found a completely underrated boutique hotel, The Chesterfield. $45 a night and it’s right on Collin’s just stepped away from Ocean Drive. Literally! You’re right where you need to be.$45 dollars got us a huge room with two double beds. It was a mini deluxe suite. Two Huge beds, a full closet, two huge flat screens and not to mention a banging bathroom with a garden tub, standup shower and the most makeup friendly lighting EVER! The Safari Bar was holding happy hour from 4-8 which was perfect! We tipped $20 upfront and 2 drinks later my “hi’s” went to “heeeeeeey” 😂. So if you’re traveling last minute I’d definitely recommend.

Already traveled to South Beach and over the Ocean Drive scene?Head to the Mondrian South Beach Hotel. This waterfront hotel pool is sits on Biscayne Bay. It’s one of my favorite hotels in the entire world! You’re still a quick Uber away from Lincoln Mall, ocean drive, and Downtown but the Mondrian is a “put your phone down” type of hotel. You’ll never leave the Instagram worthy pool! There’s cocktail waitresses ready to serve you Miami’s best pinã coladas, the music gives you all the Ibiza vibes and the view of Biscayne Bay is jaw dropping! Watching the sunset at the Mondrian hotel is so memorable.When you’re not lounging at the pool you can indulge in a much needed spa day. Their South Beach GuyandGirl spa is located conveniently in the hotel and offers a full spa services. Not feeling a deep tissue massage? The Mondrian has the cutest bikes parked out front for free to ride around the city and work off some of last nights cocktails. Average is about $170ish a night  but trust me, once you go it’ll be hard to not go back.
mondrian hotel
Feeling a little ballerific? Want some floor to ceiling windows in your life or just want to know how Rick Ross feels everyday? The Mandarin Oriental will have you tiptoeing on marble floors (Rick Ross pun intended). This luxury 5- star hotel is located in the heart of Brickwell and offers view of the skyline and Biscayne Bay.

where to stay in miami
Regardless of the place you choose Miami is always a good idea. What are your favorite places to stay in Miami?