Quarantine 15?

quarantine 15?

How to lose your quarantine weight.

Listen, life is full of ups and downs, especially right now. It’s no surprise if the scale is following the same tone. My weight crept back up to 150 by me just looking at bread. Sometimes all it takes is a few good weeks of eating for our double chin to say hello so how am I handling it? Well in the words of The Real Houseweives Of NYC, “Not well, bitch!”. Here’s a few things I’m doing to slide back in my skinny jeans. 

1.) cutting out the processed junk. I could live off of goldfish and hot fries and be puffy and happy, but I can’t. It’s terrible for us and our bodies don’t respond well to it so; less processed goodies, more Whole Foods.

  1. lowering my carb count. Keto isn’t for me, but keeping my carb count low and moving my body is the easiest way for ME, PERSONALLY, to shed those few extra pounds
  2. Cut the alcohol. I love my wine and I can down beer like a young freshman in college,but it keeps me away from my fitness goals. If you happen to indulge careful what and how much you’re intaking. Clear liquor is your best bet, but who can really enjoy that? 😂 Hold off on the hangovers for now, we’re on a mission.
  3. Weightlifting and adding some dreadful cardio three times a week is essential. I know we’re all wearing active wear at home regardless of the activity, but let’s get moving! It doesn’t have to be boring . Bike riding, solo runs, lifting to a new playlist…your body will thank you for it.
  4. Listen to your body! Take progress photos! And really try to feed yourself with fuel instead of junk. I love a good cheese board or stopping at a food truck for street tacos, but my stomach will instantly bloat to the point of no return. My body can’t process it well. I also notice a huge decrease in cellulite when I skip all animal products. My rosacea calms down, my stomach isn’t bloated, my skin looks better, and after two weeks so does the back of my thighs. If you feel lethargic after eating something – make note of it and try to cut it out for now.

As far as meals go I’m putting more vegetables on my plate and a little less Mac and cheese. My weight has always fluctuated. There’s a foodie living deep inside me, and I won’t let her live, so when I treat myself..it’s usually a two week indulgence. Terrible, I know, but I’m being honest. The first few days of getting back on track I ease my way into it, but by day 3 I’m pretty focused. Give yourself a break. We’re all going through this. You’ll get your hot bod back in no time and if you don’t… well WINTER IS COMING *GAME OF THRONES voice*. Hope this helps! 
All my lovin’