Jacquemus 2021 collection

jacquemus 2021

What we gathered from the Jacquemus show. Other than the iconic Kendall and Hadid debut? Well lets get right to it.

He tried it with the low rise, but no. This season we’ll continue to see a neutral palette fueled by bold/ vibrant colors that are sure to fit any skintone. With a more body inclusive approach to high fashion, we saw just how flattering high waisted garments fit and curve alongside every body type and we are here for it.

Silk dresses and cut out dresses that highlight our figure was shown this season and in true Jacquemus Form, narrow tailored bottoms were the talk of the runaway. I love the flares of vintage fashion with splash of new ages laser cut detail. So where can you run to, to replicate these looks on a budget, best bet would be vintage shops. Or stalk your favorite buyer on Farfetch, etc.

The reason why Jacquemus out performs most is the quality and the fit. I love it and I cant wait to add some fushia to my wardrobe.

Kristin Coronado


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