Is Shein Worth It?

I’ve done my share of Shein unboxing and I have to say it truly comes down to a hit or miss so read the reviews and look at the photos in the review section carefully. I know it’s tempting to throw it all in the cart, but fast fashion is not always the best when it comes to stitching, fit and overall quality. If you don’t mind it and this is a quick piece added to your last minute trip then go ahead. Here are a few of the “hits”. This blazer is a must! The padded shoulders give it the extra structure for a put together look. Pair it with something faux leather for a flirty twist. My next fav is this lavender coat that just screams basketball wives sitting center court. It retails at $35 as opposed to Revolves $300 price and I am here for it! Coming in at number 3 is the Teddy Coat. Don’t you want to just snuggle me? The coat is surprisingly insulated. The material is thick and its a great bang for your buck. Retailed at $26, wow!

All in all I’d say this haul wasn’t bad. Things I’d look out for is their swimwear. It’s thin and minimal padding which means there’s some serious nipppage. If you’re comfortable with that, go for the neon kini’s. If not, there’s plenty of other online stores that are affordable and not so revealing. Hope this helps!


Kristin Coronado