How To Snap Back After Having A Baby

Okay pause right there. I hate the pressure of the snapback game. This is not a game. It’s so freaking hard. Have we learned nothing from the everyBODY is different? Everyone! Genetically, physically, and where they are mentally.

When I would see a woman who just had a tiny human take to social media to show her abs just a mere 3 days after having a baby I thought wow! That’s incredible. I’m in shape-ish so I’m sure it won’t take me long. Wrong! Thankfully I had an incredible support system assuring me my body would do it’s thing on it’s own time. The wonderful thing I came to realize is how little I cared about my new postpartum look. I was in shock. Both physically and mentally. I had read all about pregnancy that I forgot to add the “What to Expect The First Year” to my Amazon reading list.

With an unexpected c-section holding off my leg days for a minimum of 4 months, I quickly learned that nothing was more important than caring for this tiny new human. Your basic human needs like eating, showering and sleeping are put on the back burner. I was healing. Walking was a struggle, nursing was new, so when it came to eating it was usually once a day and whatever was convenient. When I was clear to work out I had learned I had nerve damage and more than likely my core muscles that I had missed so much tore apart during pregnancy ( another blissful surprise the books failed to mention). I was 156lbs. I worked out my entire pregnancy and gained about 28lbs. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t ready to start meal prepping. I was finally getting in the groove with my little nugget so once he was asleep it was time for a handful of chocolate chip cookies and a heavy pour of red wine. Oh how I missed those deep notes of cherry!

The big 3-0 was coming up and I had always envisioned I’d be the hot mom in my 30’s so it was time to get serious. I hit my goal weight, but the scale didn’t matter. My body changed so much after pregnancy that I had to go harder and try things out of my comfort zone. I knocked out all processed foods, kept bread out of my diet for a bit, no alcohol, and decided to go Vegan. I have so many close friends who have made the transition and they look so amazing. Without putting too much pressure on the timeline, my muscles started to slowly appear. My son is now one and momma can fit in her skinny jeans. It took me a year and I’m still working. I guess I’m sharing these uncomfortable photos of myself to prove (what you already know) which is it doesn’t happen overnight and consistency is key. Your body will get stronger, doing what works for YOUR body is paramount. Listen to your body after you eat certain foods. Feel lethargic ? Irritable? Bloated? It’s not just bad food, it’s your body telling you- this ain’t it! I’m not suggesting anyone go Vegan or plant based, just sharing what has helped me so here’s a few things you can try.

Intermittent fasting. There’s tons of ways to do this, but I’ve found it extremely effective to have a certain window of eating versus snacking til the late hours of the night

Monitoring my carb intake or “flexible dieting”. Carbs are not the enemy but you’d be surprised how quickly they add up. I try to keep my net carbs under 30 for my personal goals, but everyone is different and seeking advice from a nutritionist or professional is always a great source. DO YOU BOO!

Cut alcohol. I’m a Texas girl. Y’all know I love my beer and red wine, but when you’re ready to really reach your goals- do it! Trust me. All that sugar is setting you back.

Lastly is limit the amount of processed foods you consume. I know its easier said than done, but I promise you within a week you’ll see your skin get firmer and your cellulite will begin to fade. Hope this helps babies and remember this is your journey. You can and will do this on your own time, when you’re mentally ready.