How To Self Publish A Book

How to publish a book

I hate those cheesy people on Youtube who are screaming at you “Write a book! It’s a great passive income”. While the tone isn’t my style , they’re not wrong. Writing a book is my highest ROI to date and a serial entrepreneur who has dabbled in quite a few things I can confidently say that once the writing phase was done, self publishing was the smartest thing i’ve ever done.

Step 1. Write the damn thing. Everyone has a story and whether you’re an accomplished writer or just a person who has a knack for words. The issue is, overthinking. When it comes to writers block my best advice is just to write. Don’t overthink it. Theres been plenty of days where I sit down, write the first sentence and my mind starts running like ” No , that’s not right. This isn’t it. Not what I wanted to say. I don’t want people to think….”. It’s truly no different than talking. The first words may shake but as the conversation flows so does the words. Trust your voice. The words will come if you sit down and just start.

Step 2. Edit! I would highly encourage you to hire a proof reader or an editor. You can outsource these experts anywhere from $30-$50 and hour. You can use Fiverr or Upwork

Step 3. Formatting! Formatting for Ebook and Hardback covers is so important. You cant just upload your word doc to Amazon. There’s proper formatting, and while I’m sure you can take a course and learn how to format on your own, I’d suggest just hiring out proper formatting.

Step 4. Get your cover made. Finally getting to fun part. Do some market research. Look at books you’d like to emulate and go from there. Even down to the font, cover,formatting, etc. It’s so important.

Step 5. Create a KdP account, set your pricing, create and Ingram Spark account and viola! You’re on your way to being a self published author.

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