Hidden Gems In Texas

In the midst of a pandemic it’s safe to safe most of our travel journeys are being put on hold for the time being. With certain safety measures in place, Texas isn’t necessarily shut down and there’s plenty of hidden gems you can travel to. Coming in at number one with the most Influencer check in is none other than Marfa, TX. There’s over sixteen galleries in this small town that resides less that 150 residents. The infamous Prada installation is the claim to fame. Get there early and pack a few outfits to get as much content as possible.

If you’re into a more scenic experience Big Bend National Park should be first on your list. A vehicle pass is typically $25 and you get full access to this national park. Tourist from all over Texas travel near and far to get a glimpse of the bright stars. Sounds simple, right? But if you’re like most Texans and live in a metropolitan area, the star sightings are far and few between. Grab a few of your adventurous friends and take a trip that’ll create life long memories and picture perfect photos.

I try not to gush too much about Austin because I’m clearly obsessed with my little college town. There’s so many things to do, safely that Austin is sort of a one stop shop. From recent finding, it looks like Rainy Street is up and running with capacity at a low, but still ready with wholesome Texas service. This little block is converted homes into bars and feel good restaurants. It’s away from Downtown and the crazed 6th street crowd, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. The Hamilton Pool Preserve is a hidden natural pool that has a 50 foot waterfall and a variety of native birds, fish, and plants. It’s one of the most serene experiences to go for a dip. Protip: Make sure you have your reservation places online. Even before Covid, this little gem was always booked to capacity so plan a week in advance. Once you receive your reservation there will be an email with what to bring, where to park, and all the other details you need to have an amazing experience. Have fun and be safe!


Kristin Coronado