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Six months have flown by and while you still see your little bundle of joy as a teeny tiny baby, they’re growing right before your eyes and are now ready for solids.

Pause the time,please!
Whether you’re puréeing your babies new entrees or simply starting with cereal, the hunt for the perfect high chair commences.
We searched high and low before choosing the 4 Moms High Chair initially for the magnetic tray (pause for reaction) , but there’s so many other factors that reassure us at every feeding that we made the right choice.

The 4 Moms High Chair has a modern design chic enough to fit any “cool moms” kitchen. The chair has three adjustable heights and isn’t like your traditional high chair that takes up a ton of space. Not that your little ones toys haven’t taken over your place already. The best part of the high chair has to be the magnetic tray. In comparison to other chairs it just makes more sense to go the 4Moms route. The magnetic tray is easy to clean and comes with a magnetic bowl to start you’re solid food journey. We haven’t mastered the love of veggies yet , but with all the high chair has to offer, our feeding times are more efficient, fun, and easy to clean up. No flipped bowls here! At least not yet!

All this being said I’d highly recommend the 4Moms High Chair. Happy half birthday to your little one and best of luck of your solid food ventures!
All my lovin’,

Kristin Coronado

4Moms High Chair Review

When they said “kids are expensive” I felt that more than ever trying to pick the right stroller. Is it safe? Is it practical? Wait, they outgrow this one, when? I have to buy another one? 😂 There’s so many options when it comes to strollers and when I talked to most moms they said they had a minimum of three. One for travel, one for outings, one for shopping, and a completely separate one for working out. I CAN’T!
The Doona is the one stop shop for all of my personal needs. Living downtown, everything is close by which is great but parking can be tricky. Once you find a spot getting in and out with ease is the goal. It aches my heart seeing moms struggle to get their little one in and out with a bulky stroller and car seat in tow. The Doona is the only car seat that converts into a stroller in 5 second! Five seconds!!! It’s compact, chic, safe, and flight approved which is awesome because we definitely plan on traveling with our little guy soon.
There’s so many benefits to getting a Doona and our little guy absolutely loves it which is a huge plus. It’s so convenient and makes outings a breeze. The material is breathable, just in time for summer, the cover protects my little one and I feel at ease knowing he’s not only safe, but comfortable. If I could recommend one must have item for new moms, the Doona would be it. It’s been a lifesaver in our household. I’ll leave a link below to check it out.

All my lovin’,

Kristin Coronado


I wish they had put fine print in every baby book I read…

Or perhaps a huge bulletin board outside of each birth class we attended…something along the lines of

“We know you’re doing everything to prepare for this small human. We would like you to know NOTHING is going to go as planned and everything you didn’t expect to happen, will!” 😂

I was prepared for the sleepless nights, the cluster feedings, the physical pain, and the wash of emotions that were going to flood our household but the first two nights at home were tough! Berlin would wake up every 45 minutes. He hated his bassinet. My husband and I were up til the sun rose trying to soothe him. That’s 48hours of fussiness mixed with rollercoaster of emotions from two new, very inexperienced parents. You begin to feel like you’re failing and are pulling out all your notes those baby books swore by. Day 3 we pulled out the MamaRoo. Ten minutes later we had a brand new baby. He rocked for ten minutes and dozed off to the sounds of the rain the MamaRoo played. 15 minutes later when we put him in his bassinet he was asleep for FOUR HOURS! A much needed break for us sleep deprived parents. I couldn’t believe it. No where in the baby books did it say “If swaying your baby doesn’t work…if he doesn’t like the rocking chair…if what you’re doing isn’t working, pull out the MamaRoo.” Well here I am folks! Three weeks postpartum with a baby that is now sleeping 4.5 hours after he has a little time in the MamaRoo. I don’t know what it is, magic? There’s a reason why so many recommend it. We use it when we need our hands free or to prep our baby for a nap. So when three in the morning rolls around and our little one is fighting his sleep, dad secures him in the Mamaroo, mom’s on the couch, I pick up my phone hit the Kangaroo setting on 4 and the Rain sounds on 3 and our little one is relaxed. He’ll fuss for about a minute before getting distracted by the high contrast black and white mobile. As those eyes get heavy we cue the Rain Sounds  and a few minutes later it’s lights out!

I’m still new to this mom thing, but I love it and although I swore to myself I was going to take a 3 month break from writing I had to share! If this can help another sleepless mom out then my job is done! Thanks for reading babes!
All my lovin’,
Kristin Coronado

4moms is running an awesome sale just in time for mothers day.  I left the link above.

When the doctor said it could take anywhere from 1-2 years to conceive I thought “Cool. We still have so much time to travel and focus on our careers.”.

When we found out I was pregnant we were ecstatic. My husband and I have never cried happy tears for 30 minutes  straight,but that’s exactly what was happening in the middle of our kitchen on a regular Wednesday just days after our vacation from Puerto Rico. Of course after the excitement settles the realization of “Wow! We’re bringing a human into this world.” sets in and a million thoughts flood your brain.

Two weeks before finding out I was expecting I got confirmation that I would be covering Paris Fashion Week.A dream so big I hadn’t even imagined it was possible and now it seemed it’d be impossible to make happen. How selfish,right? How could I think such things when this was a moment we had hoped for one day. How could I have the nerve to be upset about the timing of getting pregnant so soon when people wait years to conceive? What was wrong with me? In all honesty those few days after finding out I was pregnant I felt selfishly conflicted. My writing career was reaching new peaks and I found myself in a panic of how I would make things happen. Would I still be “me” after this amazing baby? How could I manage? Would my career still be the same? I instantly thought returning back to my corporate job or finishing grad school were the only choices I had.  Thank god for my husband. I’m so thankful for his support and belief in my writing career. He’s been there from the beginning and has seen me start from scratch and really make things happen.

Fast forward to today, I’m 9 months and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I’m now a writer for not one, but three magazines. THREE! My point of sharing is this, worrying does not propel you forward. It does not serve us or ignite our faith. Worrying doesn’t give you the mindset you need to accomplish your goals and get things done. We can’t allow our worrying to overpower us and scare us out of doing, what most would deem, the impossible. What if I would’ve gave up? What if I would’ve given into my fears and went back to the safe route? I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities I have now.  This entire creative process would have been incomplete journey all because of my own self sabotage.  When we embrace these changes and new steps in our life we allow new blessings, new opportunities, and a  new flow of positive energy. I’m still unsure of how I can “Do it all and have it all”, but I’m sure of one thing, I can try. I can make a conscious effort to wake up every morning with a positive mindset and only allow positive energy into my day. I’m challenging all of you brilliant souls to do the same. Commit to a different approach. Stop worrying about things out of your control because guess what? Bigger and better always comes along and things work themselves out at the appropriate timing so keep pushing baby. Those things that excite you are not a coincidence they are apart of your purpose.

Thank you all for being so supportive.
All my lovin’
Kristin C.