I’ve been struggling since I had B. It’s been a glorious, yet tiresome half of a year and I’m FINALLY transitioning to feeling like myself again. When I started writing I was younger and my interest were all that mattered. While my interests are still the same, I’ve grown a lot and some new ones have piled on the old ones. I can’t help but find conflicting emails in my inbox like            “ Kylie Jenner just trademarked ‘riiise and shiiine’” followed by an email that says “Best Baby Purée machines 2019”. So I’ve been in a slump as far as what to write, talk, and post about. I figured it’s something all creatives go through but a six month dry spell is almost as bad as us waiting for Frank Ocean to drop a new album. It just might..not..happen.

How to get out of a creative slump? Just start creating. I started to realize that this new phase of my life doesn’t have to box me in. I can talk about my mixed feelings about Kanye’s new album “Jesus is King”.  I can put y’all up to speed on how sleep training is going with my kiddo. I can have a killer workout and update you on  the postpartum body progress and give you a simultaneous review on Empathy Wines new red, ( It’s FUCKING FIRE BY THE WAY). I can keep saying the word “fuck” and listening to the music I want to because that’s just me. Becoming a parent or transitioning to a new phase of your life doesn’t mean you have to stop and take a step back to figure out who you should be. It doesn’t mean you have to stop doing or creating the things you used to enjoy. It doesn’t mean you have to fight off the new things you find interesting. You don’t have to start dressing a new way, talking a certain way, or subscribe to any other social behavior they tell you. You should do you! But not just read this, listen to some motivational podcast, and post an inspirational quote on Facebook, ACTUALLY DO IT! Remember why you enjoy the things that make you happy. Set time aside to do those things, it’s what keeps the flame burning. It’s what keeps you from saying “Yo, that shits dope!” instead of “That’s trash!”. You create because it’s what your heart says to do. Stop overthinking because, I am.

Forget about your color scheme, posting dates, what everyone else thinks is hype at the moment. Stop questioning where you fit in because 99.9 percent of the time you’ve always been a multitude of things that never really found a group to “fit into”. The last few post are a mix of business, a recent collab I did the 4Moms, and my continuous journey of wanting to be “fit”, but not putting down tacos. That’s me. We’re complex, you guys. There’s levels to this shit. I’ve become increasingly obsessed with TikTok this past week. Yes, my 13 year old niece is mortified too, but there’s something refreshing about a social media app that’s actually social and not pretentious or clout heavy.  It made creating fun again. My twitter fingers have been heavy. I’m on episode 7 of my podcast, and while I still find myself a bit creatively on the fence as to what’s next;  I’m not letting it hold me back anymore. What got me here is creating. So stop obsessing and have fun! If “likes” is what you’re afraid of, you can definitely count on mine!

The Friendly Kick in the Ass You Needed,

Kristin Coronado

I was a size 2 or 4 before I got pregnant. You can imagine the shock I felt when trying on clothes shortly after and discovering I was a size 8/10. I’m 5 ft and have always had a petite frame. I had about 25 pounds to lose and I knew I could commit and do it….but then I had an unexpected c-section which meant my recovery time had tripled. Rather than getting back to my tried-and-true workout and eating habits,  I had to really focus on what I was eating. It had to be enough to breastfeed, nutritious , and I had to stay away from all the processed junk that I craved during pregnancy. It’s so difficult trying to get back to your healthy habits all while adapting to motherhood. It seems almost impossible to set aside time to meal prep and eating healthy when there are days when you can hardly squeeze in a shower. I did it all but the scale wasn’t budging. I came across Truthentics and it’s been a game changer! I’m currently taking the Omega Fish Oils along with the Truthentics Probiotics and it’s made a world of a difference. I’ve noticed a huge boost in my energy! It’s curved my appetite so much that I don’t even crave the junk I used to eat. It’s made staying on track so simple. I’ve lost inches and a total of 8 pounds! Something I never would have thought possible so soon after having my little one. Getting all the omega 3 in your diet can be difficult. Truthentics Omega 3 fish oils gives me the amount I need to help aid weight loss, help my joints recover after a grueling workout, and they don’t have a terrible aftertaste like other capsules I’ve tried in the past. The probiotics help my body break down waste and reduce bloating, something I used to struggle with. With the combination of the Omega 3’a and the Probiotics I’m just a few more pounds away from my goal weight. I love Truthentics! I’m only 2 and a half months postpartum and I feel amazing! I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an extra boost in kickstarting their weight loss journey. I’ll leave a link below to check it out and remember this is your journey.

Thanks for reading!
Kristin Coronado

Looking for a new spot this weekend? Bisou, Clé Groups newest concept, has quickly climbed to the top of Houston’s Hottest New Restaurants. Located in the River Oaks Shopping District, Bisou merges fine dining with a luxe nightclub experience.
With the infamous “It was just a kiss” neon sign at the entrance, lights covering the room, and the DJ playing all your upbeat favorites it’s hard not give in and let loose. Paved with marble tiles and plush velvet seating, Bisou’s interior design is all around jaw dropping. Matte gold cutlery, contemporary lighting fixtures throughout the restaurant, and Instagram worthy mirrors in the restroom entrance that you and your girls will just HAVE to get a photo in front of.

We took a tour of the menu that left us absolutely speechless. I’m a normal southern girl so calling my palate “limited” is a huge understatement, not to mention French Cuisine has always been intimidating to me.
We started with pork belly dumplings glazed with ginger sauce . The chef said it was slow cooked for about 6-8 hours and oh my god you guys,it had to be the best pork I’ve ever tasted. We tried the beet salad, if you’re not a fan of beets try it anyway,something about the citrus of the blood orange paired with their goat cheese moose that was unlike anything I’d ever had before. The Lobster Bisque was probably the best I ever tasted but my absolute favorite dish was the lobster beignets. They’re out of this world.I couldn’t indulge in all the fresh sushi, which was probably the hardest thing I’ve done so far in 2019, but I did enjoy their lobster sushi roll. It was fresh and absolutely delicious so when we go back that’s definitely a re-order.We finished the appetizer section with the Yellowtail Sashimi and Pan Seared Foie Gras.The servers were amazing at explaining what each dish was and being ever so patient with me when I asked (at least four times) if I was pronouncing “foie gras” correctly 😂.

In the midst of tasting all of Bisou’s goodness the lights were gradually dimming and the bottles with sparklers were starting to fill the room. By about 9pm the DJ pumped up the bass and the party was in full swing. Chef Frédéric Perrier was kind enough to stop by and give us a little more insight on the restaurant as well as his favorites on the menu. With 40+ years in the industry and an impressive restaurant lineup that includes Aura and the ever-so- trendy 51Fifteen in Saks. When I asked him for his personal favorites he suggested the Wagyu Tartare Bites and the Escargot. Chef Frédéric described Bisou as an experience who saw their food getting progressively better. Well said,Chef!

Bisou was an experience, indeed and the food was outstanding. I was completely blown away.We can’t wait to go back and experience Bisou’s Brunch. If you haven’t stopped in to Bisou yet, I would highly recommend it. It’s the perfect date night, girls night, or regular Saturday night to unwind and you’ll never know who you’ll see in there. I don’t want to name names but if it’s good enough for “Clyde the Glide” it has to be hall of fame worthy 😉.
Thanks for reading!
Kristin Coronado

bisou houston

Houston has been getting all the love lately. From Drake letting us stream all of  “So Far Gone”  (cues Nov. 18th) , to Travis Scott taking over with Astroworld, to Solange’s latest  album paying homage to her hometown. The city’s ego HAS  to be as big as our traffic lanes at this point .

The album titled “When I get home” has been released for less than 16hours and is already creating a huge buzz. I personally appreciate artists who create a full body of work versus  single, after single and Solange delivered once again. This album is just as good as “A seat at the table”, possibly better. The best part? Solange is sharing listening parties all throughout Third Ward this Sunday March 3rd. I’ll link it below to snag your spot.

I’m not sure how it’s possible to miss someone you haven’t formally met yet, but that’s exactly how we’ve been feeling. With our little ones arrival coming in just a few months, our patience is running thin and our excitement has been through the roof 😂! I miss him so much; especially in between our ultrasound appointments. As his kicks get stronger my curiosity continues to grow. What’s he doing in there? Is he comfortable? How’s his heart rate? I’m so glad I found the Baby Doppler! It’s a safe way to check on my baby whenever I want and makes me feel that much more connected. Not to mention, ease any anxiety I may feel after a long day. Being a new mom and not always knowing what “normal symptoms” are can be a bit stressful. Sometimes after a full day he’s kicking like crazy and I can’t help but proceed the rest of my day with caution. Did I do too much today? Was my workout too strenuous? Did he not like the pasta, side of fries, and slice of cheesecake as much as I did? 😂 All jokes aside, it’s been nice to have a little machine to reassure me that my little bun in the oven is growing just fine. The Baby Doppler has been great! The speaker on the machine pulses your baby’s heart rate loud and clear for you and your partner to gush over. It’s also a great way to share your experience with your family. We all know how exciting this time can be for everyone in the family. Recording your baby’s heart rate and sending the video to the proud grandparents to be is the sweetest way for your little one to say hello. It’s been such a cool accessory to an already very cool pregnancy experience 🤰🏼 . I’ll leave the link below along with their Black Friday Sale discount in case you want to check it out, or better, snag one for yourself just in time for Christmas.
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!
Kristin Coronado

discount code: FRIDAY2018

Can be used on any product from now until November 30th!Enjoy!

There’s a laundry list of things we can’t do during pregnancy. Between the media and old wives tales it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. I was nervous to ask my doctor if I could continue working out. It’s such a controversial topic these days so I was eager to get advice straight from the source. Turns out, with a few modifications I can do almost everything I used to! 🙌🏻High fives all around! I skipped home and quickly searched “maternity active wear”.  The one time I need Google the most and it failed me miserably.

Feeling completely defeated, I browsed a slim selection of leggings that didn’t have the best reviews and cost as much as my phone bill. All I wanted was a pair of modern black leggings that fit great and made me feel like myself while I was in the gym kicking butt, is that too much to ask?  I decided to take to the new way of shopping, Instagram. Once I found Love and Fit I was sold! Their leggings can be worn through every fit mama stage. Up to 28weeks of pregnancy and can also be used postpartum. A steal for the price. The other leggings didn’t compare. My Love and Fit leggings have been a lifesaver! I got the Pre2Post Capri leggings and they’re everything I wanted them to be. I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy so naturally all of my other leggings were starting to compress my belly way too much and leave painful red lines. I tried a few from Target , but the fit was all wrong. I found myself constantly pulling up my leggings and we all know how annoying that can be.

Once i got my Pre2Post leggings I was ecstatic to find the interior  lined with a silicone waist band! They’ve been working out perfect for me. They stay put while I jog, lift, and stretch. The best part? I don’t have to worry about any see through mishaps. The fabric is comfortable and thick. It reminds me of Nike Dri-fit, but with a breathable waistband that perfectly supports my growing belly. I’ve been wearing them religiously! Finally, an activewear line catered to moms and mamas to be. You can look cute and get the proper support you need. I’d highly recommend to momma bears everywhere. They’re affordable and you get so much for the money. I’ll be sure to leave a shoplink below if you want to check them out. Thanks again for reading!

I’m not sure what I love most about October. The Fall weather, the excessive pumpkin patch photos on Instagram, or the fact that the holidays are just around the corner 🙈. If only this lovely weather didn’t come with dry hair, flaky skin, and some serious nasal congestion.

When I started using the Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier I was hooked! Within three days I noticed a significant improvement in my skin, hair, and congestion. I’ve tried humidifiers before and while they worked great, they were such a hassle to have. They were bulky which made it difficult to refill, hard to clean, and don’t even get me started on the noise they made. I had given up on humidifiers all together until I came across Crane. Talk about a game changer. This chic humidifier and I have a really great thing going on. I don’t have to mess with filters and the humidifier doesn’t mess with my sleep. That’s right folks! This humidifier runs whisper quiet for up to 24hrs and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Our family is growing and as the nesting process begins so has my anxiety for keeping our home clean and purified. I love my fur baby, but keeping our condo spic and span is a struggle. It can easily get stuffy and covered in pet dander so a high quality humidifier is just what we needed. Crane’s line of humidifiers are not only trendy, they’re extremely efficient. All we need is one to effectively humidify our space. A clean home and refreshed skin in the morning? Yes please! I’m really excited about this product and I just had to share with you guys.
I’ll leave the link below in case you’re interested and if you have any questions I’m here, as always.

Thanks for reading!

It was a little over two years ago when things finally clicked for me. I remember walking to my parking garage around 7:30am, looking at the skyline from my cute midtown apartment thinking “Holy shit! Is this it?Is this my life? High school,college,corporate job and that’s it?Show is over?”. I started thinking to myself about all the things I said I wanted to do. All the dreams I hadn’t attempted to make a reality.I never attempted to write, even though it was something I really enjoyed. I hadn’t started my own business yet.I hadn’t traveled enough. I hadn’t taken any risks and here I was walking to a job that paid well, but I absolutely hated. I was falling into a dark place.My entire life was dedicated to becoming a doctor, a decision I made when I was 17. I had gotten accepted into an amazing graduated school,had a position at one of the best hospitals, and I was MISERABLE. I’m sure from the outside looking in it appeared that life was going as planned but I felt suffocated. What my family,society, and even the people close to me had expected of me wasn’t what I truly wanted to do and I felt so trapped. I started thinking about all the opportunities I skipped out on ,out of fear of what other people would think. I got so caught up in keeping up with an image of myself that wasn’t really me. Trying to live a life that others deemed as successful. So we got the fancy stuff. The nice cars, the nicer handbags, the nice condo, everything you work towards thinking that once you get it you’ll feel like you “made it”,but it didn’t matter. At the end of the day I wasn’t happy. “Things” were not enough. So as scary as it was, I took a risk. I quit and focused on what I could do to make myself truly happy. Here we are two years later with 165,000 blog subscribers 😩🙈(pause so someone can pinch me),hosting events, creating dope shit with likeminded people,writing,creating content for some of my favorite brands, and this is just the beginning. Aside from that,some of you have reached out and told me about your own experiences.We’ve shared stories, checked on one another and I’ve even watched some of you start your own journey. The fact that I’ve had a positive impact on ANYONE is the best feeling ever.Helping out other people is really all I’ve ever wanted to do in life.

I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy or I haven’t had moments where I’m tempted to go back to my cushy corporate job.
The first day I didn’t get any orders from the online boutique I panicked! I started doubting myself.Pacing around my place like “ I knew it! I knew it wasn’t going to work!This is crazy!”.
I’ve been told “no” by a million companies before I finally heard a “yes”. My first hosting event seven people showed up. My first commission check from affiliate marketing couldn’t cover my water bill and it’s ALL GOOD because it was all apart of the process and things like this take more work than anyone is willing to admit. Every day is a hustle and for once in my life I don’t have a plan. All I know is, the second I stopped listening to that voice in my head that said “I can’t”…the second I stopped considering what other people would think of my decisions, the moment I quit playing the comparison game and focused on myself,life became enjoyable again and the opportunities just started flowing.
So many doors have opened because I finally decided to stop being afraid and work towards a life I wanted.People will always have something to say but I guarantee you once you start doing whatever it is your passionate about like-minded people will come into your life and remind you that you’re not crazy and you’re fully capable. Why not you? Why can’t we all be people who are happy with what they do for a living? If you want to make music, do it! Want to move to L.A or New York?DO IT! Want to start your own business? Flip some shit on EBay and boom!There’s your starter money. Whatever it is you want to do, do it for you. Life really is short and time is precious. We have Trump in office for Pete’s sake,Anything is possible! 😂

Whatever you want from the universe DECLARE IT! Speak it into existence! Work your ass off and don’t worry about how it may come, believe in yourself and know that it WILL COME! As much work as this has been, I don’t regret it for a second. I’m going to be able to look back on life and really feel like I gave it my all so if it means looking “crazy” or living an “unconditional lifestyle” I’m okay with it because I’m happy.I have no idea where this journey is going to take me and for once I’m okay with that. So far nothing in life has went as planned so what do we really have to lose? Thank you guys! 165,000 might not seem like a lot to other people but to me it’s HUGE and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a bit teary eyed. I’m going to play Cardi B and keep it G though 😂. Thank you for going on this journey with me and for the continuous support. Your messages mean the most. I’m so excited for what the future holds ♥ love love love y’all! Xoxo-K