Where To Go In L.A

Los Angeles is a very familiar place to us. My Mother, Brother, and my mother’s entire family all live in California. We’ve done tourist trips, ventured off both north and south of L.A so I… Read More »Where To Go In L.A

2020 Nail Trends

French tips are back babies, but not how you’d think. When I think of French tip I think classic white circa 2007. Fashion truly does repeat itself because French Tips are back and better than… Read More »2020 Nail Trends

Are SKIMS Worth It?

$80 for the infamous mock turtleneck bodysuit , will she do it? I did! I did do it. I saw so many mixed reviews online. Including on social media. I couldn’t tell if people were… Read More »Are SKIMS Worth It?

Where To Go In Houston

Is our humidity borderline unbearable, sure! We compensate in other ways I assure you. H-town, clutch city, Hustle Town, whatever name you want to call us, this not-so little town of mine is home for… Read More »Where To Go In Houston