Best Places In Las Vegas

vegas day club

Hop in losers, we’re going to Vegas!

Vegas is one of those places that you just have to take it for what it is. Expect to pay a pretty penny for drinks and expect a crowd, even if you’re getting bottle service or a cabana. Encore Beach Club is the ultimate day time party scene that is loved and adored my so many. It’s been on numerous T.V shows and if you type it in your Instagram search bar you’ll see why. The club has a fairly decent layout and great music so make sure you get there early and most importantly make sure you get your reservations if you’re with a large group. PROTIP- places like Vegas know that tourist are there for a short time and good time. Which is great and all but sudden price changes often occur so have your receipts ready. If you’re paying a certain amount for a cabana make sure there are no additional cost (example: cost for admission or cost per chair). That’s right. Minor details that can get lost during booking can form a huge headache when you’re there in person so do make sure you’re speaking with someone who knows the prices and won’t change it later. If you leave, ask for a stamp. No stamp no re-entry. Another tip: do not take your purse. Try to take a cute fannypack. Lockers at most day clubs/ pool events are $75 dollars. They will go through your items and throw any liquids they find. Get there early. I mean 11am early. It’s a day club so take it easy the night before and stay hydrated. The Nevada heat is something viscous and you’ve done your traveling so make the most of it. Have fun and take care of everyone in your group. This place can pack a full house so make sure you have your buddy system in place ladies! Be safe and enjoy!

All my lovin,

Kristin Coronado