Are SKIMS Worth It?

$80 for the infamous mock turtleneck bodysuit , will she do it? I did! I did do it. I saw so many mixed reviews online. Including on social media. I couldn’t tell if people were raving about it because it was a Kim K product or if the shapewear was so phenomenal it was worth such an astronomical price. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for so I was happy to pay it. I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I did expect it to be up to par with the competitors and sadly I was disappointed. 
The shade of nude I purchased is beautiful so they get a 10 there. I wish i the bodysuit had more support like competitors. The SKIMS Brand has been long awaited and is said to be one of Kim Kardashian West’s long-term projects. With all the time invested, I was hoping the bodysuit would provide more compression. The bodysuit did smooth out imperfections , as it should. I got a size small based on my waist measurements per the websites suggestions. However, I found it to squeeze my derrière rather than smoothing it down or enhancing it. It looks unflattering and not put together the way I hoped so if you carry more on your bottom I’d suggest the thong style, not the full coverage bottom. The packaging is cute. The neckline is a little more ribbed than I anticipated. I like a cleaner neckline look when it comes to my staple basics. I was really hoping it’d be worth it, but I don’t think I’ll be reordering. All in all, not worth the hype if you’re looking for shapewear. It’s a beautiful basic bodysuit with minimal compression and the tones are beautiful, but not impressive. Influencers rave about it so I’d highly suggest checking it out for yourself. Just because it didn’t work for my body, it may work for yours? Let me know!
All my lovin’,Kristin Coronado