I’ve been struggling since I had B. It’s been a glorious, yet tiresome half of a year and I’m FINALLY transitioning to feeling like myself again. When I started writing I was younger and my interest were all that mattered. While my interests are still the same, I’ve grown a lot and some new ones have piled on the old ones. I can’t help but find conflicting emails in my inbox like            “ Kylie Jenner just trademarked ‘riiise and shiiine’” followed by an email that says “Best Baby Purée machines 2019”. So I’ve been in a slump as far as what to write, talk, and post about. I figured it’s something all creatives go through but a six month dry spell is almost as bad as us waiting for Frank Ocean to drop a new album. It just might..not..happen.

How to get out of a creative slump? Just start creating. I started to realize that this new phase of my life doesn’t have to box me in. I can talk about my mixed feelings about Kanye’s new album “Jesus is King”.  I can put y’all up to speed on how sleep training is going with my kiddo. I can have a killer workout and update you on  the postpartum body progress and give you a simultaneous review on Empathy Wines new red, ( It’s FUCKING FIRE BY THE WAY). I can keep saying the word “fuck” and listening to the music I want to because that’s just me. Becoming a parent or transitioning to a new phase of your life doesn’t mean you have to stop and take a step back to figure out who you should be. It doesn’t mean you have to stop doing or creating the things you used to enjoy. It doesn’t mean you have to fight off the new things you find interesting. You don’t have to start dressing a new way, talking a certain way, or subscribe to any other social behavior they tell you. You should do you! But not just read this, listen to some motivational podcast, and post an inspirational quote on Facebook, ACTUALLY DO IT! Remember why you enjoy the things that make you happy. Set time aside to do those things, it’s what keeps the flame burning. It’s what keeps you from saying “Yo, that shits dope!” instead of “That’s trash!”. You create because it’s what your heart says to do. Stop overthinking because, I am.

Forget about your color scheme, posting dates, what everyone else thinks is hype at the moment. Stop questioning where you fit in because 99.9 percent of the time you’ve always been a multitude of things that never really found a group to “fit into”. The last few post are a mix of business, a recent collab I did the 4Moms, and my continuous journey of wanting to be “fit”, but not putting down tacos. That’s me. We’re complex, you guys. There’s levels to this shit. I’ve become increasingly obsessed with TikTok this past week. Yes, my 13 year old niece is mortified too, but there’s something refreshing about a social media app that’s actually social and not pretentious or clout heavy.  It made creating fun again. My twitter fingers have been heavy. I’m on episode 7 of my podcast, and while I still find myself a bit creatively on the fence as to what’s next;  I’m not letting it hold me back anymore. What got me here is creating. So stop obsessing and have fun! If “likes” is what you’re afraid of, you can definitely count on mine!

The Friendly Kick in the Ass You Needed,

Kristin Coronado

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