Six months have flown by and while you still see your little bundle of joy as a teeny tiny baby, they’re growing right before your eyes and are now ready for solids.

Pause the time,please!
Whether you’re puréeing your babies new entrees or simply starting with cereal, the hunt for the perfect high chair commences.
We searched high and low before choosing the 4 Moms High Chair initially for the magnetic tray (pause for reaction) , but there’s so many other factors that reassure us at every feeding that we made the right choice.

The 4 Moms High Chair has a modern design chic enough to fit any “cool moms” kitchen. The chair has three adjustable heights and isn’t like your traditional high chair that takes up a ton of space. Not that your little ones toys haven’t taken over your place already. The best part of the high chair has to be the magnetic tray. In comparison to other chairs it just makes more sense to go the 4Moms route. The magnetic tray is easy to clean and comes with a magnetic bowl to start you’re solid food journey. We haven’t mastered the love of veggies yet , but with all the high chair has to offer, our feeding times are more efficient, fun, and easy to clean up. No flipped bowls here! At least not yet!

All this being said I’d highly recommend the 4Moms High Chair. Happy half birthday to your little one and best of luck of your solid food ventures!
All my lovin’,

Kristin Coronado

4Moms High Chair Review

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