When they said “kids are expensive” I felt that more than ever trying to pick the right stroller. Is it safe? Is it practical? Wait, they outgrow this one, when? I have to buy another one? 😂 There’s so many options when it comes to strollers and when I talked to most moms they said they had a minimum of three. One for travel, one for outings, one for shopping, and a completely separate one for working out. I CAN’T!
The Doona is the one stop shop for all of my personal needs. Living downtown, everything is close by which is great but parking can be tricky. Once you find a spot getting in and out with ease is the goal. It aches my heart seeing moms struggle to get their little one in and out with a bulky stroller and car seat in tow. The Doona is the only car seat that converts into a stroller in 5 second! Five seconds!!! It’s compact, chic, safe, and flight approved which is awesome because we definitely plan on traveling with our little guy soon.
There’s so many benefits to getting a Doona and our little guy absolutely loves it which is a huge plus. It’s so convenient and makes outings a breeze. The material is breathable, just in time for summer, the cover protects my little one and I feel at ease knowing he’s not only safe, but comfortable. If I could recommend one must have item for new moms, the Doona would be it. It’s been a lifesaver in our household. I’ll leave a link below to check it out.

All my lovin’,

Kristin Coronado



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