I wish they had put fine print in every baby book I read…

Or perhaps a huge bulletin board outside of each birth class we attended…something along the lines of

“We know you’re doing everything to prepare for this small human. We would like you to know NOTHING is going to go as planned and everything you didn’t expect to happen, will!” 😂

I was prepared for the sleepless nights, the cluster feedings, the physical pain, and the wash of emotions that were going to flood our household but the first two nights at home were tough! Berlin would wake up every 45 minutes. He hated his bassinet. My husband and I were up til the sun rose trying to soothe him. That’s 48hours of fussiness mixed with rollercoaster of emotions from two new, very inexperienced parents. You begin to feel like you’re failing and are pulling out all your notes those baby books swore by. Day 3 we pulled out the MamaRoo. Ten minutes later we had a brand new baby. He rocked for ten minutes and dozed off to the sounds of the rain the MamaRoo played. 15 minutes later when we put him in his bassinet he was asleep for FOUR HOURS! A much needed break for us sleep deprived parents. I couldn’t believe it. No where in the baby books did it say “If swaying your baby doesn’t work…if he doesn’t like the rocking chair…if what you’re doing isn’t working, pull out the MamaRoo.” Well here I am folks! Three weeks postpartum with a baby that is now sleeping 4.5 hours after he has a little time in the MamaRoo. I don’t know what it is, magic? There’s a reason why so many recommend it. We use it when we need our hands free or to prep our baby for a nap. So when three in the morning rolls around and our little one is fighting his sleep, dad secures him in the Mamaroo, mom’s on the couch, I pick up my phone hit the Kangaroo setting on 4 and the Rain sounds on 3 and our little one is relaxed. He’ll fuss for about a minute before getting distracted by the high contrast black and white mobile. As those eyes get heavy we cue the Rain Sounds  and a few minutes later it’s lights out!

I’m still new to this mom thing, but I love it and although I swore to myself I was going to take a 3 month break from writing I had to share! If this can help another sleepless mom out then my job is done! Thanks for reading babes!
All my lovin’,
Kristin Coronado


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