I didn’t want to love it all. Truly,I didn’t! Loving new skincare products means more money spent and y’all know I pride myself on sticking with what works,but….

this stuff is better than the hype.

My skin has been doing that really adorable thing where it’s dry in some areas, grossly oily in others, and “Hello there fine lines! I guess this is what your late 20’s looks like.” 😳😂.  I’ve had so many problem areas I didn’t know where to start. The watermelon mask came highly recommended and did not disappoint. The cool thing about the Glow Recipe masks is that they’re pillow friendly. To get the most out of the masks you want to put a small amount all over and sleep in it. Wake up with plump hydrated skin? Sign me up! I’ve used this mask every night for the past week, topped off my skin with the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice moisturizer during the day, and my skin is finally loving me again. I’ve noticed a huge difference in texture, hydration, and less visibility of fine lines. All products are paraben free and packed with hyaluronic acid (aka the good stuff that leaves your skin plump and youthful looking). So yes, I’m saying it. This $45 mask is worth it!Summer is upon us and I don’t know about you, but skipping makeup in this heat is the ultimate goal! My skin is so smooth and supple. All I need is a glossy lip, moisturizer, a little spot concealing and I’m out the door. I may not have my summer body in time, but my skin? My skin will be FLAWLESS!

Thanks for reading babies!
All my lovin,

Kristin Coronado

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