Looking for a new spot this weekend? Bisou, Clé Groups newest concept, has quickly climbed to the top of Houston’s Hottest New Restaurants. Located in the River Oaks Shopping District, Bisou merges fine dining with a luxe nightclub experience.
With the infamous “It was just a kiss” neon sign at the entrance, lights covering the room, and the DJ playing all your upbeat favorites it’s hard not give in and let loose. Paved with marble tiles and plush velvet seating, Bisou’s interior design is all around jaw dropping. Matte gold cutlery, contemporary lighting fixtures throughout the restaurant, and Instagram worthy mirrors in the restroom entrance that you and your girls will just HAVE to get a photo in front of.

We took a tour of the menu that left us absolutely speechless. I’m a normal southern girl so calling my palate “limited” is a huge understatement, not to mention French Cuisine has always been intimidating to me.
We started with pork belly dumplings glazed with ginger sauce . The chef said it was slow cooked for about 6-8 hours and oh my god you guys,it had to be the best pork I’ve ever tasted. We tried the beet salad, if you’re not a fan of beets try it anyway,something about the citrus of the blood orange paired with their goat cheese moose that was unlike anything I’d ever had before. The Lobster Bisque was probably the best I ever tasted but my absolute favorite dish was the lobster beignets. They’re out of this world.I couldn’t indulge in all the fresh sushi, which was probably the hardest thing I’ve done so far in 2019, but I did enjoy their lobster sushi roll. It was fresh and absolutely delicious so when we go back that’s definitely a re-order.We finished the appetizer section with the Yellowtail Sashimi and Pan Seared Foie Gras.The servers were amazing at explaining what each dish was and being ever so patient with me when I asked (at least four times) if I was pronouncing “foie gras” correctly 😂.

In the midst of tasting all of Bisou’s goodness the lights were gradually dimming and the bottles with sparklers were starting to fill the room. By about 9pm the DJ pumped up the bass and the party was in full swing. Chef Frédéric Perrier was kind enough to stop by and give us a little more insight on the restaurant as well as his favorites on the menu. With 40+ years in the industry and an impressive restaurant lineup that includes Aura and the ever-so- trendy 51Fifteen in Saks. When I asked him for his personal favorites he suggested the Wagyu Tartare Bites and the Escargot. Chef Frédéric described Bisou as an experience who saw their food getting progressively better. Well said,Chef!

Bisou was an experience, indeed and the food was outstanding. I was completely blown away.We can’t wait to go back and experience Bisou’s Brunch. If you haven’t stopped in to Bisou yet, I would highly recommend it. It’s the perfect date night, girls night, or regular Saturday night to unwind and you’ll never know who you’ll see in there. I don’t want to name names but if it’s good enough for “Clyde the Glide” it has to be hall of fame worthy 😉.
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Kristin Coronado

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