How am I still a tourist in my own city? When you think of the Houston Galleria area you think of the shopping and completely forget about everything else the location has to offer. Fine dining, 5 star hotels, and new experiences right at your fingertips. Royal Sonesta is the perfect place to stay in the Galleria  Area. The staff is incredible! We stayed during one of the busiest weekends. The Houston Rodeo was in full swing, a business summit was being held, and a huge wedding was happening in the ballroom. Somehow amidst all the chaos, we were treated like royalty. We arrived at our freshly cleaned room on the 23rd floor with chocolates on the pillows, robes ready to lounge in, and a view overlooking the city lights. The hotel amenities have everything you need so while traffic dies down you can 🍷 “wine down” and grab a cocktail at the Axis Lounge. This modern designed bar is located conveniently on the first floor offering a wide selection of cocktails and chic seating,making it a great pit stop before you start your night out. Need a quick bite but want to keep it light? Launch is a convenient “grab and go” meal area that’s stocked with fresh food, coffee, and toiletries for sale because let’s me honest…90% of the time you left the toothpaste on the cpunter at home. Chips and cookies before your bathing suit isn’t ideal pre-pool lounging so being able to grab a healthy snack before soaking up the sun at the hotel’s pool was super convenient.

Speaking of convenience can we talk about the jaw dropping Club Lounge  on the 23rd floor? The area is exclusively available to patrons on the 23rd floor offering complimentary snacks,water,sodas,big screen TVs and continental breakfast. With mid floor to ceiling windows it’s hard to not take your phone out and snap a few photos of a rare view from up top. Talk about living the high life.

We decided to take advantage of room service and pre-order our breakfast in bed. Eggs Benedict, Raisin Brioche French Toast, and a large fruit plate? Yes,please! Probably not the breakfast of champions a physical trainer would approve of, but you’re on vacation! Enjoy yourself! Not only is the food from the Ara Restaurant delicious but the presentation was superb! You’re not going to NOT take a brunch photo for Instagram, am I right? Overall I’d say our stay was amazing and I’d highly recommend it to visitors of the city and fellow Houstonians. You won’t be disappointed. Royal Sonesta goes above and beyond to make your stay worthwhile.
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Kristin Coronado

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