Kendrick doesn’t know what he did for me when he said “Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks”.  Like yessss! Thank you!

Whether you have old stretch marks or are expecting them in your near future you may find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right one for you. Do you go with the high end product that claims to work miracles and make your stretch marks disappear? The drugstore brand our mothers swear by? The latest Instagram Ad you saw this morning? If you’re like me you’ll buy about five and see which one is most effective. I’ve always had stretch marks on my legs, thighs, and hip area so I was expecting more of them with pregnancy. Oddly enough, new ones haven’t surfaced so I’m thanking good ol’ H2O and Bio Oil. Obviously other factors (like genetics) play a huge role in whether or not you’ll get more with pregnancy, but there’s nothing wrong with preventative care.  I’m so bad when it comes to keeping up with a nightly skincare routine so soaking my body in heavy lotions that take thirty minutes to absorb was never an option for me. I tried Burts and Bees, Palmers, Mederma, EarthMama… and while they were nice I didn’t get the results I did with Bio Oil.

STORY TIME: When the waist trainer hype began years ago my mama sent me an O.G Colombian one. The real ones with boned wiring, four hooks, and inner lining that only allowed you to breathe in quick short breaths. I wore that thing like crazy for week,took it along for my workout and POP! I was mid workout so I didn’t pay any mind to the sharp pinching I kept feeling. I got home and had the worst cut. The wiring had busted and was continuously jabbing me on my side leaving me with the ugliest scar on my stomach(Anything for a small waist, right?) smh.

Bio Oil works so good it’s actually faded away all of my preexisting stretch marks. Including the waist trainer fail from 2014.  They haven’t completely disappeared, but they’re definitely less noticeable and I’m HYPE! I noticed a dramatic difference after the first month of using it. A little goes a long way and it quickly absorbs into the skin unlike other  lotions and oils I tried where I felt a grease monkey after. This stuff is GREAT and my skin’s texture has really improved. I use it right after the shower and I’m set. I’m sure my skin is going to look way different post baby so I plan on keeping it stocked on my vanity for a while!  If you’re looking for a cream I would recommend Burts and Bees,for sure.  As for the high end products… truthfully, I didn’t see a difference and Bio Oil is still number one in my book. I wanted to wait until the end of my pregnancy to give you guys a thourough review and out of all 5 products this one’s the winner!

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