We’ve all see the Instagram ads for Shein official. Really inexpensive clothes online that get delivered quickly, but what’s the quality like 👀? Online shopping is like blind dating. The profile picture looks great, the resume (or reviews) are really shaping up and then you see it in person and you’re like, “Wait a second?….”. In a happy scenario you’ve hit the jackpot and declare your love to the world. In my case it’s been 50/50. I recently did a collab with them and I’m sharing my full review on Shein.  Some hits and misses.


Don’t you just want to hug me? I look like a life-size teddy bear. While this teddy coat is cute I wish it was a bit fuller with fabric. Its beautiful but the lining is thin so if the temperature drops below 65 I might be in trouble. Overall, I love it! Especially for the price! “Shawl Collar Teddy Coat” – $31





This jacket is perfect! It’s a light grey with a satin light blue lining  and I feel so expensive in it! For $28 it’s a steal! The fabric is great quality and the cut feels custom. Not to mention, if you tried to get this piece at Zara, it’d run you $70 minimum. I’d highly recommend it. No cat fishing here.





Flocking south for the winter? The $6 to $12 price mark for a trendy bathing suit is tempting but is it worth it? In my case no, and I’m so bummed. I ordered a medium in this olive number and it was way too small. I’m an A-cup so I can only imagine the struggle for women with actual cleavage. I also got this neon bikini, because hello! It’s neon. I so desperately wanted to work. Let’s just say it’s cute but definitely not water proof. There’s no lining in the top or bottom so if you’re cool with that, get it girl. If you’re uncomfortable with it do not get it! I don’t mind the top not being lined but the bottom?..No! No! No! I’m not okay with poolside bystanders seeing my print, for lack of a better term 😂. A definite miss for me!


Moving on to my Chanel, I mean Shein Tweed Jacket: Heart-Eyes for days! The coat is amazing quality, the lining keeps me warm and it’s the perfect length. A jacket of this quality should be well over $100 and I got it for under $30! You guys need it! Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than a high fashion look for less!




Is it lounge wear? Is it active wear? We don’t know but we got catfished! The material is thin, the stitching is poor and the fit is so NOT flattering. Skip it.







My advice would be to read the fabric blends, look at the reviews and order a size up for coats. I’m usually a small so medium in the drape coats fit perfect and the teddy and my Chanel look-alike are a large for a more cozy fit. If you have any questions I’m here and if you decide to purchase any of the “hits” I’ll link a discount code below.


DISCOUNT CODE: “FD146”  for all items


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