I’m not sure what I love most about October. The Fall weather, the excessive pumpkin patch photos on Instagram, or the fact that the holidays are just around the corner 🙈. If only this lovely weather didn’t come with dry hair, flaky skin, and some serious nasal congestion.

When I started using the Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier I was hooked! Within three days I noticed a significant improvement in my skin, hair, and congestion. I’ve tried humidifiers before and while they worked great, they were such a hassle to have. They were bulky which made it difficult to refill, hard to clean, and don’t even get me started on the noise they made. I had given up on humidifiers all together until I came across Crane. Talk about a game changer. This chic humidifier and I have a really great thing going on. I don’t have to mess with filters and the humidifier doesn’t mess with my sleep. That’s right folks! This humidifier runs whisper quiet for up to 24hrs and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Our family is growing and as the nesting process begins so has my anxiety for keeping our home clean and purified. I love my fur baby, but keeping our condo spic and span is a struggle. It can easily get stuffy and covered in pet dander so a high quality humidifier is just what we needed. Crane’s line of humidifiers are not only trendy, they’re extremely efficient. All we need is one to effectively humidify our space. A clean home and refreshed skin in the morning? Yes please! I’m really excited about this product and I just had to share with you guys.
I’ll leave the link below in case you’re interested and if you have any questions I’m here, as always.

Thanks for reading!

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