Listen anywhere else in the world, your dream vintage handbag that costs three months rent will probably get overlooked . Here? The streets were paved for fashion appreciation. It’s the place where kindred spirits across the street will give you warm eyes as a way of saying “ Yesss girl! I see that vintage Chanel le boy bag that no ones been able to locate for 18 years.BRAVO!”. 😂👏🏼
Whatever special pieces you have , let them play in the land where our fashion splurges are appreciated,not frowned upon. Been saving those Manolos for a special occasion? Perfect! It doesn’t get more special than New York . Whatever you wear that makes you feel your best,pack it!
Most importantly dress weather appropriate. I’ve only been to New York in the fall/winter months so while it says 70 degrees it’s always a bit chillier. Think of how much cooler it is when you’re walking in downtown. You wish you had a jacket,right?😂 That’s NY times 10. You’re surrounded by buildings so that breezy 70 degrees feels like a blizzard is coming through. The wind shows no mercy and neither does the rain. It never fails, the day can be absolutely beautiful and then boom,a light rain shower will frizz your hair right up. Don’t let me paint the picture too dark.  It may be cold but the energy and cardio that you get in New York will make your forget all about the uncontrollable elements.

Which brings me to my next point. Shoes! In true Sex in The City form I saw a few brave women in six inch heels strutting the streets (get it girl👏🏼). Personally, I’m not that coordinated and I get so excited in N.Y I just want to walk as fast as everyone else . I opt for comfy shoes during the day and save the heels for night time. Think of your favorite ankle boots or patent leather boots with a sturdy heel to prepare for those slick sidewalks. If you don’t have any comfortable boots you can always wear some dope sneakers. I can’t tell you the amount of  street-wear I saw. Tons of girls with cropped windbreakers, biker shorts, and some god-awful designer sneakers. I love you Balenciaga, but I still can’t get on the “$900 dad -shoe” wave. Whatever the case is, be as comfortable as possible. There’s so much to see and do! You don’t want to make the mistake of heading back to your hotel mid-day because your feet are killing you.Trust me! I know beauty is pain but it this case, New York’s scenic beauty trumps the outfit choice.
Bring at least two jackets. Something that can go with a few of your outfits so you can switch it up at night. I swear, I buy the cutest tops specifically for New York,but once I get there I’m too uncomfortable without a jacket and all my pictures look the same 😩epic fail! Be better than me! Be prepared. You may not need your faux fur coat,but who are we kidding, it’s New York! Where are your faux fur’s going to get to shine other than here?  On the more practical side; pack a cute leather jacket, a blazer, or even a cute coat you can drape over the shoulders. It’s New York people💁🏼‍♀️ we can be a little extra! Lastly I’d recommend active wear. Save it for your ultimate tourist day. Go stroll Central Park,walk right to Met, get the ultimate Instagram photo on the Brooklyn Bridge or spend the day getting lost in the city! The possibilities are endless 😊I’ll be sure to write a part two of what to do in NY.


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