Leave it to Rihanna to shut down the end of New York Fashion Week in the figurative and literal sense. The SavageXFenty runway show was out of this world! Everything from the venue, decor, and music were unlike any other fashion show I’ve seen. I felt like I was attending a concert with all the theatrics involved. Dancers, iridescent lighting, glass pyramids of lush greenery, and rock waterfalls.  It was like a naughty oasis and you didn’t know what to expect. The greenery was used as an illustration of mixing the organic and futuristic. Idolizing women’s organic natural beauty in hopes to see it idolized in the future. YES, RIHANNA! WE’RE HERE FOR IT! The lights dimmed and then BOOM! The music started pulsing through the venue. The dancers came in from each side of the stage and somehow there were models casually strutting the runway in the midst of it all. Pure magic! The show screamed women empowerment with every detail; featuring models from all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.  Rihanna was said to have full creative control when it came to designing the concept of the show. The morning of the fashion show she was in London, flew straight to New York on minimal sleep and still committed to being present during the rehearsal. Talk about a boss babe! When asked why she felt women empowerment was so important in today’s industry she said


“ In my opinion, women are the strongest people on earth. I mean our bodies,alone, are made to do so many different things and they’re designed in so many unique ways. I think it’s about time we celebrate that.”. -Rihanna


Celebrate, she did! From the runway “It Girls” Bella and Gigi Hadid. To Slick Woods, the face of Fenty Beauty, and Janina Thompson showing their baby bumps. All curves were highlighted in this show. When praised about her efforts to highlight all body types Rihanna responded saying


“Part of womanhood is motherhood and I think if you have the blessing to bring life into this world it should be celebrated as well. They make me so proud.”. -Rihanna.


Rihanna delivered variation across the board. The SavageXFenty collection, has so much variety. Nudes, neon ,lace, cut-outs, sheer fabrics, leather pasties, and boned corset tops. I mean, there’s really something to fit your every mood. So however savage or sweet you want to play it, something from the collection is bound to fit. If you’re in New York you can browse the collection yourself at her newest NYC SavageXFenty pop-up shop. Let’s have a round of applause and a standing ovation for Rihanna (pun totally intended).


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full clips of the show can be found on my Instagram account

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