The first few times I went to Miami I never left Ocean Drive. Rookie mistake! There’s so much more to see and do instead of going to Sugar Factory and Ocean’s 10. Wynwood, Brickwell, Miami Fashion District, Bayside, Little Havana, the list goes on. Wynwood is hands down one of my favorite places to go out when I’m in Miami. The vibe is unlike any other. The music is dope, the drinks aren’t Ocean drive priced, and each bar has it’s own charm to it. El Patio is one of those bars that makes you look around like “holy shit! Now I’m on vacation!”. It’s indoor/outdoor ambiance will have you downing your coco water and rum and moving your hips like you’re right in Colombia. The DJ plays a mix of reggae, hip-hop, and all the Caribbean feels. My favorite! There’s a few lounge couches, high tables near the DJ booth and along the back of El Patio, but don’t worry the music is so good seating will be the least of your concerns.

Maybe you’re in a group and you can’t decide what you want to do for the night. There’s always that one friend who “doesn’t go out” but three vodka sodas later you lose her, only to find her dancing on the bar. Okay, maybe that’s me, but that’s neither here nor there. If you want a little something for everyone Basement is your spot. Located in the basement of the Miami Beach Edition hotel, brace yourself. As soon as you make your way past the swanky hotel lobby and into the basement your inner 90’s child will rejoice! There’s ice-skating, bowling, and a huge dance floor. The aesthetics of this place is definitely Instagram worthy. The neon lights make the 2,000 square ft skating rink turn into a mini club itself. Think of the movie ATL with a 90’s playlist, IT’S LIT! Who knows, maybe you could accidently fall and land right into your future husbands arms? Either way the Basement is definitely a spot worth checking out. How many clubs have a skating rink and a bowling alley? If you know you’re going to the basement and are definitely going to bowl and booze it up. I’d recommend reserving the lane online.

Now if you want the full nightclub experience, obviously LIV on Sunday is legendary. Story is always popping and 11 Miami is one of those places that REALLY is just as good as they say. Hope my little suggestions help.


Huge shoutout to all my Miami babes that have steered me in the right direction. Yelp was unhelpful when it came to club/bar suggestions. Yall are the real M.V.P’s so thank you @lunalegend , CamilaRosee, and Nikki!


Off to enjoy the rest of Swim Week!



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