If you’ve caught a glimpse of a few pre-season lookbooks you’ve seen the animal prints climbing  it’s way back to popularity and right into our closets.  I’m sure when someone mentions leopard print your mind travels back in time to “Married with Children” Peggy Bundy vibes but no ma’am, no sir. Dolce& Gabbana, Saint Laurent, and Versace are just a few designers to incorporate Leopard print in their pre-fall collections and the retailers are already catching the wave. Have you seen Kylie Jenner’s skin tight leopard mini dress she wore recently? A vintage piece and it’s giving me all the 90’s vibe. I don’t know about you but I’m ecstatic about all the fashion nostalgia. The 90’s era makes me so incredibly happy. The music, the fashion, cell phones with buttons 😂 it was such a time! Be on the look out for more prints, this is one trend that I’m definitely on board with.

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Leopard Summer Set

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