Bright neon colors are making their way back into this season and I’m blindly in love! Prada’s Fall 2018 show in Milan showcased neon bright color waves and nylon textures and it’s already starting to trickle down to retails. So squint your eyes and get ready because there are going to be a lot of bright shades in your future. I’m talking neon nail polish. Neon heels. Neon bikinis. Neon dresses! The choices are endless but it’s definitely a must this season. Want to get the look? I’ll link a few bright ideas for you (pun intended). Looks like I’m going to have to boost up my tan a bit. I don’t know why but tan skin and bright neon tones are so aesthetically pleasing to me. You guys know I live and breathe neutral tones but this season I’m definitely going to brighten things up. Besides, if Prada says neon is making a comeback can we really argue? Hope you guys are loving the new website.


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