The 20 somethings Boozy Guide to NYC

Going to New York and have no idea where to eat and drink? I didn’t either!There’s nothing that stresses me out more than being in a new city and Yelping where I should go. Not to mention being in a group walking in the city like “where do you want to do?” I don’t know, where do you want to go? “ I don’t know, let me look something up.” Next thing you know you’re glued to your phone for 20 minutes standing in the street and let me tell you, New York is the last place you want to cause sidewalk traffic 😂. Hopefully these suggestions can cut your google search of “best restaurants in New York City” in half . From boujee rooftop bars to dollar hot dogs your girl has got you covered 💁🏼‍♀️. Someone say prosecco popsicles?Yes,please! Loopy Doopy Rooftop bar is located in the Conrad Hotel on the 16th floor has the most Instagram worthy views I’ve ever seen. Not into frozé (frozen rosé) with a strawberry popsicle? Maybe a rose gold flamingo pitcher will do the trick. I wasn’t that brave being that I had more sight seeing to do,but it looked delicious and is meant for 6 people but I saw a group of 3 girls kill it. (No judgement 😂). Still want the Sex in the City vibe at night? Head to 230 Fifth Rooftop bar in the Flatiron District. Perfect views of the Empire State Building and the rooftop is heated. Not to mention, the cute little neon igloo seats. Yeah,I said it 😂! One of those places you’d just have to see in person,but will easily have you singing Frank Sinatra and downing cosmos like you’re meeting SJP, herself, for happy hour. Moving on to late night and less pretentious (aka my kind of vibe) Rudy’s Bar and Grill is easily one of my top favorite places to go in NYC. Located in Hell’s Kitchen with a huge Pig on the outside of the building, so you can’t miss it. Kind of reminds me of a Six Flags statue now that I think about it😂 anyways, it’s a local favorite. $4 beers and free hotdogs? That’s right y’all, FREE! It was late and after a full day of failed attempts to figure out the subway system a local dive bar is just what I needed. It’s open until 4a.m so if the city wore you out and you’re looking for a budget friendly bar, I’d definitely check it out. Onto my favorite pastime…BRUNCH! Sons of Essex is a on the lower Eastside, I’ll get to the bellinis in a second but the vibe? Fam, when I say this is my top places to go ever I mean it! Who wouldn’t appreciate 90s hip hop and r&b while they scarf down chicken and waffles with a side of truffled mac and cheese?(Don’t judge me). I’m doing the Kevin Hart” point and step out” dance as I sing along to Jagged Edge one minute then throwing up the Roc when they started mixing Jay-Z’s The Blueprint. When’s the last time you’ve had mimosas while listening to Jay-Z?I’ll wait….

😂You guys have to,have to, HAVE TO, stop in. Out of all the places I’ve suggested, Son’s of Essex is a definite when in New York.Sure you can do the cliché Bagatelle Brunch and have Tuna Taretare but you’re in New York! I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather eat and drink somewhere where the vibe is good. There’s so many places to go and so many places to see in New York. Hopefully these little suggestions will lead you in the right direction. NY is one of those magical places that has some place for everyone, what’s your favorite place?

Love love love y’all xoxo- K

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