PSA: Mac Cosmetics offers FREE technique classes! This is not a drill. REPEAT! This is NOT a drill.


It’s Saturday night and you’re on your third YouTube video watching the latest makeup trend. You’re watching ever so closely, screen shooting every product mentioned, thinking to yourself “Pfft! I got this!”. You wake up Sunday morning two hours before you’re supposed to meet your girlfriends for brunch.Just enough time to take all the information you learned last night and put it to the test.You pick up your handy MAC 217 blending brush, just like your internet guru said, you take your brand new $54 eyeshadow palette that Instagram told you,you couldn’t live without and get to beating. Forty-five minutes later…it’s not looking too good.Your blending IS NOT for the God’s. You ARE NOT glowing from within, The Tin Man called and he would like his shield back, and let’s not even get started on your contour because frankly things went south after you “baked”. I’ve been there! We’ve all been there. I’ve watched countless videos on YouTube and Instagram and yet I look nothing like those gorgeous babes on the screen. Now before we all give up on life, lets take advantage of information we can actually get our hands on. MAC Cosmetics office Technique classes for free! That’s right! FOR FREE! I went to my first one last week and was completely blown away. It was better than watching a YouTube expert, I could actually raise my hand and ask questions. The cool thing is, it isn’t just the MAC locations in Houston that offer these services. You can go to the MAC website, find your store and see what upcoming events they have in your city. The makeup artist teaching the class has mastered her “beyond perfect” makeup application! No,seriously! She’s actually been recognized for her technique. Her name is Caitlin and let me tell y’all, she shared some serious magic with the entire class. I had it all wrong you guys. Thinking that there wasn’t a solution to my Texas-sized pores or that baking was actually something I had to do because everyone else does it (I can keep going with how much I had wrong) but the tips she gave me completely changed my makeup look.These classes are amazing because they’re so personal. Every makeup struggle I had was addressed that day. I have a lot of texture on my skin so when I try to get that “J.Lo glow” I fail miserably and my highlight actually enhances my imperfections. One should not be limited on the amount of highlighter that can be applied,that’s no way to live.Snap after Snap I hear “That highlight tho!” followed by a pretty girl showing off her glow and I’m over here hiding my bumpy temples.I’ve exfoliated, poured coconut oil on my entire life, used every highlighter from every brand and nothing! Caitlin pointed me in the direction of cream highlighters and let me tell you I’ve worn that highlighter every day since. Finally! Something that worked! Something that every Youtuber recommended me NOT to do because of my oily skin. Oh, and these large pores of mine?Gone!

Okay, well not literally, but if you saw me with my “Skin Refined Zone” from MAC’s Prep+Prime collection you wouldn’t know I had any.It’s valuable tips like these that we should all know and share.MAC’s Technique Classes offer so much information catered to you, not to mention they’re fun!The Rice Village Houston location really went above and beyond. After the class they mingled with everyone and pointed us towards products that would fit our individual needs so if you’re in the Houston area you should definitely check them out! They’ll make you feel like you’re just shopping with one of your girls.I’ll even join you! Let’s all glow up together! If you’re not in the area you can find classes and events on the MAC website.GO! Take a friend! Make a day of it! Even if you’re extremely knowledgeable in your face beating routine there’s always room for improvement, not to mention you can re-stock on your Fix Plus because honestly, you can never have enough of that stuff. We’re all riding this struggle bus together ladies so if I have any valuable information my followers can benefit from I’M SHARING! Let me know if you’ve tried a Technique Class before I want to hear all about your beauty secrets too!Talk to you babes soonXo, Kristin

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