I wanted to love this foundation oh-so-deeply but it just hasn’t worked out. How many failed relationships do you think women have with foundations? I’m going to guess it’s in the millions. Foundations have to be one of my favorite things to try. Houston has bipolar weather and your girl is always ready for it. From full-coverage to BB Cream, my vanity is screaming that we’re running out of room but I can’t help it! I got the shade 3N1 Buff and while the color match was amazing the wear, finish, and overall dreams for this foundation were crushed. People raved about this foundation for weeks so I was so ecstatic when it was sent to me. The foundation is said to be full coverage and long- wearing. What they forget to tell you is how drastically this foundation oxidizes. I had to give it two to three attempts before finding the right shade so make sure you get a shade lighter. The finish is definitely matte. So matte that it comes off as drying and cakey. I tried ultra hydrating my face with oils and various primers crossing my fingers that the wear would be different, but nope! Nada! It set quickly into my fine lines and it felt extremely heavy on my skin. Not ok for this humid weather so proceed with caution. If you love it tell me what you use it with, maybe I’m doing something wrong? This could very well be a “It’s not you, it’s me” kind of thing so I’m to reconnecting with this foundation and giving us another shot.

Let me know your summer foundation!

Love!Love!Love yall!

-KristinLaura Merier foundation swatches

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