I had such a great time hosting the MAC Cosmetics Technique event this past weekend. If you haven’t attended a technique class before I highly suggest you check one out. 1.) it’s free, how can you NOT take advantage of a free Q&A from a professional 2.) It’s so much fun! We talk with our girls all the time about what we struggle with when it comes to slaying the perfect look. So where do we get our answers from?Instagram and YouTube of course! While those can be helpful,it’s not as helpful as getting your information straight from the source. I had the pleasure of working with Caitlin, one of MAC Rice Village locations best MUA ( and probably one of the best in Houston,if I’m being honest) and she hooked us up! I’m talking DJ Khalid “major key alert” kind of information. The technique class is interactive so it’s not like she’s just working her magic and sending us on our way,no ma’am! She was so thorough and detailed throughout the entire class. Have oily skin?She’ll suggest the perfect foundation for you. Want to step up your blending game?She’ll show you which brush you need and which brushes you can use for multiple applications,WHICH I LOVE!! She wasn’t trying to sell us anything,she was genuinely there to teach us and answer all of our questions not to mention she shared a few of her personal tips. For instance, have you ever applied lash glue on your lashes and lash line to prevent those hasty corners from lifting?Me either! What about using a powder that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone to contour versus that muddy mess of a contour shade?Didn’t think of that one?Me either! That’s just to name a few,we learned so much it’s like we attended “How to serve and slay 101”. Way better than watching a YouTube video because we have the ability to raise our hands and ask questions during, I love it! Caitlin used their newest “Snow Ball Eye shadow palette” from MAC’s holiday collection. We went with a glam holiday look and omg you guys,I was hooked! I’ve bought palettes similar to it,neutral tones with a few shimmery pigments but I could never get the color to really pop. She used the “prep and prime 24 hour extend eye base “ in the center to really make the bronze pigment say “hello!” and I was so impressed. I typically steer clear of eyeshadow primers because I think most of them don’t work but I’m telling you guys, my eyes were poppin’ throughout the day! Im convinced J.Lo uses this stuff too because how else could her bronzy shadows last? What I love the most about these classes is how you can learn what works for YOU! Caitlin did a really amazing job of making sure we all left the class knowing information that would work for us individually.This wasn’t a 60 second Instagram tutorial my friends,this is the real thing you guys have to check it out. As I’ve said before,I’m on the struggle bus so if I know any information that I feel can help you guys,I’m sharing! Grab a few friends and check the MAC Cosmetics website to see when they’ll be having another event.You can thank me later 🙂

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