Cooking is very similar to makeup application. the instructions are right in front of us,we can buy all the necessary tools and ingredients and yet something still doesn’t come out quite right. “Baking” has been a huge trend the past few years and I’ve tried almost every setting powder imaginable. From high end, to drugstore.translucent to tinted.lightly setting to looking like the top of a funnel cake, I’ve done it all and sadly haven’t found or accomplished anything to boast about. Before trying the Givenchy setting powder I was using the RCMA translucent powder. It was perfect,I still couldn’t bake like most YouTube MUA’s but out of all the brands of setting powder it worked the best for me. Not to mention it’s only $10!Something I look for in a loose powder is the finish. I like a nice highlighted look and something that smoothes out my skin (aka fills in my pores). As I’ve said before, I’m hesitant when using higher end products. One,because your girl has bills and adding another item to my makeup routine means I’m going to have to re-do my budget. two, because I truly feel like some products are hyped up because of the name and not because of what the product can do. That being said, I love this loose powder. My budget didn’t want me to trust me,but I am obsessed. The Givenchy loose powder has a blend of 4 universal highlighting colors that is promised to give you a perfected porcelain look and OMG it truly does. When touching up I typically blot and try to resist adding more product.However, southern humidity won’t always allow me to be great so applying extra powder is sometimes necessary. My old setting powder would look great in the beginning but after an hour or so you could visibly see my pores and by the end of the day I looked incredibly cakey. I’ve been using the Givenchy loose powder religiously for over a week now and I’m not going back y’all! I can’t. This travel size gem has a built it puff applicator that’s not only cute when touching up but super convenient. The only problem I’ve run into is applying too much product at once. A little goes a long way. As I’ve said, I enjoy a nice bright under eye so when I first applied the Givenchy powder I got a little too excited and I’m almost a hundred percent sure I was glowing in the dark by the end of the day. I apply it on top of my usual concealer routine,set my t-zone area and I’m good to go for at least 3-4hours honest to blog,it’s THAT good. Never in a million years did I think a lavender tinted setting powder would be my new holy grail but it kicked all my other setting powders to the back of my vanity. It allows my makeup to stay luminous without giving me a flat matte look,something I’m sure we all struggle with.One thing I wouldn’t recommend is applying it directly under the with the eyes with the puff applicator. I found it to be a little too harsh to directly apply under my eyes so I used my usual brush instead. Also, be aware of how much you’re applying. I personally wouldn’t recommend baking with this product unless you want some serious radiance. For a day-to-day look I think lightly applying it will give you the refreshing look you need. Let me know if y’all have tried it! I’m hooked.

Tons of love your way xoxo-K

This amazing product was gifted to me by Givenchy Beauty and is available at Sephora, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.All opinions are a hundred percent my own as always.

I love you guys!

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