Worth the hype?

Let’s start with the good shall we?The luminzing highlighter in shade 003 was created by unicorns,I’m sure of it! It is so beautiful! Finely milled so it truly does give you a “glowing from within” look.You can use the kabuki brush for a heavy highlight or a fluffy powder brush for an all over glow. Oh and don’t even get me started on the packaging.I’ve daydreamed about being a queen and opening gifts one too many times and the velvet Dior packaging is probably the closet I’ll ever get to it.The details that went into this product will have you making display room on your vanity guaranteed!I’ve never been more obsessed with a highlighter in my life. I’d recommend it FOR SURE. Onto the next item: Dior capture total Dreamskin..I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I have sensitive skin so I’m always hesitate to branch out of my usual skin routine.if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,right? But for testing purposes,I had to give it a shot. $150 for a skincare product better make me look like I have a Valencia filter on. People need to stop me in the street and ask me how I got such flawless skin. Infants should look at me and think “I thought babies are the only ones w/heaven like complexion ”. That’s not only what I want,but I’m expecting that for such a hefty price tag.That being sad, it hasn’t wowed me. The texture is nice, it does minimize the appearance of my pores, my skin feels soft, but as far as the other claims it hasn’t done much for me. I don’t hate it by any means but I could live without. I would suggest getting a sample of it. I’ve heard it works great for some people so it can’t hurt. Moving onto the Air Flash Foundation in shade 300..WOW! Seriously?I thought we were friends guys?In this together!How have you not told me about this?Forced me against my will to buy it? Who knew spray foundation would be so impressive! I’m shook you guys. Was the spray a little intimidating at first?Sure! But I quickly got over that. I sprayed it on the back of my hand then used my beauty blender to apply.Two small sprays and my face was covered. I got so many compliments I found myself thinking of counter-compliments just in case someone else had something nice to say. You guys have to give it a shot.If you have yellow undertones and are in the ballpark of NC25 or NC30 in MAC foundation I’m sure shade 300 will work for you. You’re welcome in advance.Yes,it’s a bit pricy but oh-so worth it! That’s all folks, but before I leave do you want free products for your content? All of the products were gifted by Dior. I’m under no obligation to love the products, my job is to test them and report back to you with my honest opinion.Majority of my followers are creators and bloggers as well so why not share this info right?I’ll place a link below so you can check them out. Love you guys

Full review on Dior’s latest cosmetics and skincare.

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