Who really gets 8 hours of sleep these days?It’s unheard of. Yes, we all have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce but ii did not wake up like this and to say ii need a “little help” would be an understatement. If there’s a product that gives me a brightened and refreshing look I’m incorporating it in every makeup or non makeup look. I’ve been using Becca’s brightening primer and under eye corrector and oh-my-gosh-BECKY, you should see my under eyes.i look so refreshed regardless of how late ii stayed up watching Stranger Things or catching up on emails, when ii wake up the next day I’m good! Becca has me covered! LITERALLY!At first, ii had to play around with the primer a bit,as I’ve said before my skin has texture and an oily t-zone so anything that’s not mattifying usually doesn’t work for my entire face. Ii tried to wear it all over but it didn’t work for me,what did work for me was sticking to my usual mattifying routine around the t-zone area and applying the Becca Brightening Primer around the outer areas of my face. I’ve used it with all of my favorite foundations and it really does give me a nice glow from within. I’ve even used it on my no-makeup days which brings me to the brightening concealer. I’m never going back. It may sound a little extra but ii apply the brightening corrector first,then go over it with Sephora’s brightening serum concealer in “meringe” ii know what you’re thinking, holy pink undertones,right?but it works for me and it’s so much better than applying a ton of concealer ,setting it, and then adding a brightening powder.its way too much for me. These two products have allowed me to wear less product and still look refreshed. I’d highly recommend y’all try it. We’re friends now so ii feel like ii can be honest and say that I’m definitely not 21 anymore and my skin needs all the help it can get! Had to share with you guys. If you have any questions let me know or if you’re keeping some brightening secrets to yourself SPILL IT! Ii want to hear what works for you.

These products were given to me by BECCA cosmetics. As always, i am under no obligation to love anything but if I do love it what kind of friend would ii be if i kept all this goodness to myself. I’ll attach the product link below! Love,love,love y’all

becca undereye brightener and primer

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