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It’s overwhelming! Being the one man band. You’re doing Daily Operations, you’re the brand, the marketer, photographer, coordinator, social media manager, etc. Here’s a few things you can do, if you’re not already.

Hashtags aren’t irrelevant they’re still useful as a search engine tool. In your notes create a list of hashtags. For example #smallbizowner #supportsmallbiz #smallbizsunday (do your research. You want to incorporate hashtags that have large traction and niche hashtags that are relative to your location and business). The goal is to broaden our reach. Before you post a story, minimize your photo so you can copy and paste your long list of hashtags in a faint font color, make it as small as possible and place your photo over it. Effective and Aesthetic.

Networking. I know Covid has royally messed up our interaction with one another but we need people to see the face behind the brand. To build connections and to place a face to your company. Yes, the small talk can be annoying and in the beginning you’ll feel uncomfortable , but building these connections creates windows to new ventures you can endure with a group of likeminded individuals who genuinely support you.

Batch your content. Living and breathing content can be exhausting. Shoot for a :”shoot day” a day where you can dedicate a few hours or the day if you’re lucky to creating content for your brand. Written, photo, visual, audio. The goal isn’t to oversaturate, but to create useful content to your audience that sets you apart from the rest. Use tools like Canva or a social media app that schedules to post your content for you. It’s an amazing tool.

Watch your analytics constantly to see when your audience is online.

Lastly, create a specific day for something special so your audience has something to look forward to like “Wednesday’s we’ll have a 10% sale AND do a Q+A session on social” Hope this helps my loves! Keep going!

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