Is Instagram Dead?

In short?

Homegirl is holding on by a thread. In a recent video distributed by Instagrams CEO, the founder stated “Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app.” in efforts to keep up with Tiktok the once “photo dump” application is now focusing on consumer products and video content which means a few things.

One, instagram can no longer be used as a marketing tool, but more as a marketing assistant. When it comes to creating content supporting your brand or business, it’s important for all of us to create and distribute along all platforms that CATER to each platform. Instagram recently launched a creator fund, similar to tiktok, to encourage users to create video content. Recent research shows that TikTok has it right on the money. Quick and concise thirty second clips are not only attention grabbing but incredibly effective when it comes to getting our attention. You’ve seen the memes and we’re all guilty of doing it. “How did thirty seconds become three hours on tikotok?”.

So what does this mean for the OG’s of IG? Rebrand and restratigize. Change isn’t always easy, but as a creator, entrepreneur, or small biz owner, our number one priority is to stay relevant and change with the times. If one app is changing, we change with it. I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket, it’s proved to be the wrong strategy time and time again. Is it going to be exhausting creating engaging content? Absolutely! But it’s doable. So hop to it and remember the rule: Create first! Don’t waste hours of inspiration. Don’t overthink it. Try new avenues of creation and topics and see what your audience responds to.

-Kristin Coronado


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