How To Monetize Your Content

Magic Links

Not an Ad, I actually use it.

Magic Links is an app you can use to not only link your favorite looks, but to track your analytics and get paid from sharing your latest fit. (Ew! did I just say fit?”) Either way, the point is it’s extremely easy to use, has great functionality, and it’s an awesome way to earn some affiliate cash, without going through the trouble of setting up a different website, adding backlinks, tracking your own analytics. Amazon and other affiliate links make you nose dive through hoops where as Magic Links is pretty straight forward and even lets you upload your own looks. Think of an Instagram Feed that has clickable shop links. The dream right? This isn’t an ad, I’ve personally been using it and it’s been a great way to monetize the outfits that I actually love. Besides, as a content creator I’m sure a large amount of our audience looses interest the second they hear “Hey Guys, so a lot of you have been asking…” I can practically feel the eye rolls pulsating from the phone.

How to start? Head over to Magic Links or download the app. Apply. Within two-three business days they’ll respond, it’s as easy as verifying your social media accounts, then you’re all set. If you’re curious to how it looks or even want to browse my own (wink, wink) I’ll leave the link below.

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